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How often can one mention being “so busy” before it just starts to get annoying? In my opinion, it gets annoying pretty quickly. After all, everyone is busy. Well, maybe not my grandparents who live on a farm in Iowa…But then again, with well over fifty immediate descendants, even they seem to have a full calendar of birthdays, ball games, and the like, to attend. So, everyone is busy.

I work a full time job from eight to five Monday through Friday, combined with running a photography business on my own. I love it, I truly do. And I am Busy.

Today, I will head down to Dallas to second-shoot a wedding with my friend Kelly tomorrow. I will also get to do a portrait session for my dear friend Jen and her precocious, adorable daughter. Kelly and Jen are two of my closest friends in the world, and I love that my career of photography allows me to spend time with my friends.

The other day, my wonderful friend Kriea stopped by my work to get a disc of images from a wedding I had second-shot for her. {Kriea is a very successful wedding photographer, as is Kelly, and they both have families. I imagine my busy-ness doesn’t even compare to theirs.} So, when Kriea stopped by, it was a rare treat for us to be able to hang out for just a bit and catch up and chat.


The above photo is of Kriea, me, Kelly, and Jen. It was taken at my ten year class reunion last year. Jen and I were in the same class; and Kelly and Kriea happened to be shooting a wedding together nearby on the same night as my reunion, so they stopped by. I knew I had a photo of myself with all of them, but then I realized the class reunion photos are on an old hard drive somewhere {I fill up external hard drives pretty quickly.} So I grabbed this one from one of my Facebook albums. Have I mentioned how much I love Facebook?

I realize this is a random, rambling post. When I started writing, I was tempted to tell you all about how busy I have been, to explain my lack of consistent posting this week. But then, that seemed annoying. So, I shifted my perspective and instead, I want to explain how my busy life is a blessing straight from God. And when He gives me moments with friends and family, I am truly appreciative.


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Kelly BeaneDecember 20, 2010 - 9:29 pm

I absolutely love that we got to shoot together all day Saturday, and I appreciate all you are to me. I am so thankful that through both of our insane busy-ness we still make a way to talk or see each other, which is why you are my best friend. Love you girl!

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