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well + plenty retreat : renew

Hello, friends.

Yes, this is really happening: I am breaking my blog silence. I’ve been wanting to for awhile now; however, true to form, I procrastinated. But, the time has come to get back into it. And this is the perfect opportunity. See, just over a week ago, I attended a retreat called Well + Plenty, created and put on by my lovely (and very cool and talented) friend M’Lea Cole. M’Lea has spent the last year or so being drawn ever closer to God through some personal trials. She is now answering His call to be a light and provide a brief haven for other women to break through their own barriers in a community setting. Holy yoga, delicious (and healthy) food, as well as beautiful and thoughtful gifts are provided by her. On top of all that, she leads through some very helpful discussions designed to promote personal and spiritual growth.

It’s been a very awesome thing to watch M’Lea come to this place, and I was honored to not only attend the retreat but also to photograph it.

(You can read more about these special retreats – and sign up to attend! – by checking out M’Lea’s site here.)No detail was overlooked. M’Lea put her talented touch on everything.The retreat was Friday evening and Saturday morning to afternoon. We nibbled on this delish spread and mingled and chatted to start off the night.We also opened our awesome gift boxes from M’Lea. Just look at this goodness!

Then we did some meditation and holy yoga before eating dinner.

(M’lea hosted this retreat in her home. Look how perfectly it was suited for such an event!)When we arrived Saturday morning, M’Lea had coffee and a delicious breakfast for us.After eating, we spent some time really digging deep, being vulnerable, encouraging one another and receiving encouragement. M’Lea opened up to us about her struggles and shared things that helped in her journey. Then we went through the materials she had provided for us (really quality, useful stuff!). I especially appreciated this time of sharing.We finished up with more holy yoga and then had lunch. I just realized I didn’t even get any photos of lunch (sorry, M’Lea!) because at this point I was so fully engrossed in the retreat and the other women.Such a beautiful group of souls! I loved the time I spent with all of you! You ladies are awesome.I am a big hands-on, real-life-application person. So, my favorite thing about this retreat was that M’Lea really did equip us to start RENEWing our lives with the help of Christ. I can honestly say I have implemented some great things from what we talked about at the retreat. Probably the best thing for me “in real life” has been developing a morning and evening routine – which I have been sticking to each day! My creative mind can be quite scattered, and I crave healthy routines; but I am the type who needs to be told to sit down and write it out, like we did at Well + Plenty. I am excited to see where this renewal leads for me personally. To be open and real with you all, I desperately needed it. Last year was a real kicker for me…not all bad, but definitely life-shifting (not being dramatic – I will look back at 2017 as a clear turning point). God has been closing doors and opening new ones and then pushing me gently through them for some time now. So this theme of “renew” was spot on for me. I eagerly anticipate seeing His light break through more and more in my life.

Thank you, M’Lea, for following the promptings of Christ. I appreciate you! And I am grateful I got to be part of the launch of this beautiful, special thing you are doing.


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WendiJanuary 24, 2018 - 12:11 am

Everything about this looks amazing! I’ll definitely be looking into one of the future Well + Plenty’s ❤️

CherylJune 25, 2018 - 11:02 pm

I’d love to find out when the next retreat is!

Abi RuthJune 26, 2018 - 1:28 am

The next one is Aug 24th-25th.
Here is the link to M’Lea’s site with the info:

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