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true life stories ~ thunder games and former loves

2014-03-11 20.08.53-1A couple of days ago, I prayed hard that God would send someone to leave Thunder tickets in my car or something.  True story.  I wish I could say that I’m joking, but I am not.

2014-03-11 20.08.58See, we played the Rockets this past Tuesday night, and I really wanted to be there to see my former love, James Harden.  And by love, I mean favorite basketball player.  Not, like, lover.  As we all know, I loooooved Harden when he played here.  And I really thought I would go right on loving him forever, but I guess it’s kind of true when they say absence makes the heart grow fonder..or forgetful.  Honestly, it’s not that I have forgotten him at all.  And it’s not that I don’t still carry those nostalgic memories of my love for him in my heart.  But, when it comes to basketball, I have found I can only really, fully commit my love to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  So, when you don’t play for us, it’s hard for me to wholeheartedly love you.  Now, I just enjoy James, sort of like I enjoy Tyson Chandler or Paul George or Steph Curry or Kevin Love, etc, etc.  Except wait, those are all guys who I love because I think they’re hot and they’re awesome basketball players.  Maybe it’s more like I love Joakim Noah with his crazy topknot.. I chose James as my favorite because he was different, with his draft-day-bowtie and his crazy beard.  And his way of coming off the bench for us and helping us make it all the way to the Finals a couple years ago…. Okay, I guess I still love him a bit.  But not at all like I did when he was here.  So.  I loved him and I am a sappy girl.  But I really wanted to go to the game on Tuesday to watch us beat the Rockets.  Just because I have basketball love lingering for Harden doesn’t mean I would ever, ever want to see him or anyone else beat my team.  And on top of that, we had just lost a couple of games and last year Patrick Beverley of the Rockets had injured our beloved Russell Westbrook – so what I’m saying is, I knew our guys would be fired up and it would be a great game!  And, bonus, I’d get to see James and his beard.  While beating his team.  You know, kind of like seeing that ex you will always have a soft spot for, but seeing him when you’re with your spectacular steady guy – it’s still just a bit painfully awkward, but mostly really awesome.

2014-03-11 20.41.29

An-y-way.  Man.  You would think this is a post all about my past love Harden and my current love the Thunder, but really it’s a post about Jesus and His love for me.  Really.  Not in a Jesus-juke {see Jon Acuff} kind of way, but in an I-am-so-in-love-with-my-God kind of way, and I just have to brag on Him.  Because, as I was saying at the beginning of this post, I was praying hard for some Thunder tickets to just show up in my car or mailbox or something.  But alas, that didn’t happen.  So I went to eat dinner at my sister’s house that evening, fully planning on watching the game at home in my sweats.  Except, right after we sat down to eat, a friend sent me a tweet asking if I was at the game.  And when I responded no, she asked if I wanted to go.  She said there was an extra ticket available down behind the visitor’s bench, and it was mine if I wanted it.  For free.  Heck, yes!!  You know I rushed right home and out of my sweats and into some skinny jeans and then right on over to the Peake!  And oh, it was a great game!  And we won.  And I was right there behind the Houston bench.  Hey, James.

2014-03-11 21.31.01

So my point is this: sometimes I ask God for ridiculous things, and then He goes and completely exceeds my expectations!  I know, some of you might be doubting the fact that it was really God who supplied me with that ticket the other night – but really, have you ever read Psalm 29:3, where it says: “The God of glory thunders. The Lord thunders over the mighty sea.”  I’m just saying.

Okay, obviously I’m joking around a little.  But I did want to write this post today just to remind myself how God answers prayer.  No, I’m not really talking about prayers that get me into Thunder games.  I am talking about some very real, earnest prayers I’ve been praying over the past few months; prayers that God would show me His love, that He would open my eyes to see Him as a gracious Father, and open my ears to hear His voice, and help me fall more in love with Him.  And He has been doing just that: awakening my heart to His goodness.  And I am so thankful and amazed by how much He cares for me.  Even in the littlest {but big-to-me} details.

I love you, God.  :)  You’re pretty amazing.  Thanks for loving me.


p.s.  This is a photo of Harden talking smack with a fan who was heckling him.  I couldn’t hear most of the exchange, but I definitely caught the part where Harden was reminding the guy, “You guys loved me when I was here.”  Come on, now, James.  You know, Jesus still loves you..  ;)

2014-03-11 20.47.28

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Kelly BeaneMarch 31, 2014 - 11:22 pm

Maybe my favorite blog post. Ever. Because I love your writing and how candid you are and especially your heart!

And just because I have to share… this is my favorite little excerpt “And, bonus, I’d get to see James and his beard. While beating his team. You know, kind of like seeing that ex you will always have a soft spot for, but seeing him when you’re with your spectacular steady guy – it’s still just a bit painfully awkward, but mostly really awesome.”
I mean LOL for real! :)

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