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true life stories & that’s what she wore ~ a cozy cream & navy outfit + discussing the luxury of time

cream and navy thrfited outfit 1When I was growing up, my family went on a lot of road trips {mostly just to see our family in Iowa} and we never owned nice cars.  That combination led to us being stuck on the side of the road or at a gas station many times with car trouble.  My dad is an amazing person who can fix just about anything, cars included, so really it was just a matter of us waiting around while he worked to repair whatever was wrong.  Since this was in the days before smart phones and tablets, or even laptops and portable dvd players, I remember assisting him on several occasions when I was staving off boredom after probably finishing whatever book I was reading.

In general, I have the worst memory of just about anyone in the world, but I clearly remember one such broke-down-car incident when we were stuck at a truck stop and my dad had worked for hours replacing some part on the car, only to get the new part in and have the car still not start.  He eventually got the vehicle running again, and it turned out to be a cheaper, easier fix than what he had spent time and money working on originally.  When the car was finally running again, I remember asking my dad if he was going to take out the part he had tried at first and return it in order to get his money back.  He responded that no, he was not going to do that, we would just go on our way home with the new part we hadn’t really needed.  This surprised me, because we were pretty poor then, and I couldn’t believe my dad wasn’t going to get his money back when he could have.  I must have shown my surprise, because he looked at me and said, “Abi, sometimes time is worth more than money.”  He knew it would have taken him hours to take the part back out and put the old one back in, and it just wasn’t worth it to him.  I swear I will never, ever forget that lesson.  At the time, it baffled me, because money was such a scarcity in my life.  But over the years, I have remembered my dad’s statement many times.  And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to understand what a luxury time truly is.
cream and navy thrfited outfit 2These photos brought that story to mind for a couple reasons, really.  The first one is because everything here is thrifted {other than the amazingly warm and chic cowl scarf, which was made by Heather} and everyone is always saying to me that they don’t understand how I find such great stuff at thrift stores.  I always tell them it’s because I go often and take the time to look carefully.  You will rarely find anything great by just skimming the aisles at Goodwill.  I invest a lot of time into thrifting in order to save money….And because I enjoy it and feel like it’s more ethical than investing in fast fashion from the mall or many online shops which likely get their clothes from places that don’t pay or treat their workers well.  But that’s a whole different post and I’m veering off subject here.cream and navy thrfited outfit 3The second reason the luxury of time came to mind for this post is because these photos were taken on a recent roadtrip with my friend Randi.  We had traveled to Texas together for her to shoot a wedding.  I went along to assist her and just for fun, really.  On the way home, we were able to take our time and drive through some small Texas towns looking for antique stores for Randi to browse and stopping to take these photos as well.  As you can see, Randi is a wonderful photographer, and I so enjoyed having her do some outfit pix for me!  Our trip was laid back and fun and refreshing.  It was a wonderful way to start off this year! :)  It seems like most of my roadtrips in the past few years haven’t contained the luxury of extra time to stop and do whatever.  This trip inspired me to be more intentional about my travel time in order to really get to experience and enjoy the places I might normally just pass through. cream and navy thrfited outfit 4So, shout out to the town of Sacul, TX {population 150 – really! – according to their water tower}, for providing a sweet backdrop with this random old building along the highway.  My favorite thing was the faded blue-gray wood, but the creamy lace curtains were a nice touch also.  Nevermind that some of the windows were barred on the inside.  It’s whatev.cream and navy thrfited outfit 5cream and navy thrfited outfit 6cream and navy thrfited outfit 7cream and navy thrfited outfit 8The rest of these photos were taken in Jacksonville, TX, where for some reason there were tomato statues everywhere.  Like, everywhere!  I’m sad we didn’t get a photo of one.  Maybe next time.  We did get photos by this amazing complimentary-colored background, though.  Thanks to my photography school training, I will always be hyper aware and appreciative of complimentary colors! :)cream navy thrifted outfitNow can we talk about the clothes for a little bit?? You know that’s what I really love to talk about, right?

Okay, so I found this cream slouchy sweater at a thrift store awhile back, and it still had the tag from H&M on it.  {I love finding never-worn items at the thrift store!} I’ve worn the heck out of this since getting it this past fall.  Like I mentioned, it is from H&M, so it’s kinda cheaply made and I have to wash and dry it after every single wear because by the time I take it off it’s dripping off of me.  Do you own any clothes like that??  Like, when you put them on, they fit great; but after a few hours of moving around in them, they’re falling off you?  Anyway, this is annoying like that, but it does hit at the perfect length to be appropriate for wearing with leggings, and it’s roomy enough to be comfy for travel – or a fat day. ;)

These pants are a Target brand, I believe.  I actually thrifted them while we on our trip in Texas.  I had been wanting some thick navy leggings and/or some dark skinny jeans.  These aren’t leggings, since they have a front zipper/fly and all, and they’re not denim, but they fit the bill of being slim-fitting navy bottoms, so I snatched them up.

I also picked up these darling shoes at a thrift store on our trip.  I’m kind of obsessed with them.  And cute navy shoes are harder to find than you’d think – at least, that’s been my experience, so I’m happy to have these now.  Also, these definitely looked as if they’d never been worn before – nice!

I’ve been into the idea of more muted {or even monochromatic} outfit tones this winter, and I’ve also been loving icy blue touches, so this unique thrifted bag was the perfect accessory for this look. cream and navy thrfited outfit 9cream and navy thrfited outfit 10Big thanks to Randi Ownbey for all the photos in this post!!  We shot one other outfit on our trip, and I’ll be sharing it soon as well.


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CherylJanuary 14, 2015 - 1:45 am

I enjoyed reading this! Things like going to thrift stores-hunting the bargains, gardening, and sewing, knitting, crocheting -and fixing cars and such, are maybe never cost effective but you have to look at the worth at the end! I was thinking of what you said about your recent road trip and how you got to explore! Sometimes you have to make time, take time to enjoy the life of this great country!

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