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true life stories ~ styling a wedding for lover.ly & over-thinking everything, as always

You wanna know something interesting?  When you start doing outfit posts on your blog, you start getting contacted about posting stuff for companies.  I mean, I have not even started tiptoeing down the path of being a legit style blogger, but apparently people pay attention to those type of posts.  So, I’m not sure yet what direction I will go when and if I get more such offers, but I did decide to take on this one today.  I was contacted by a nice girl from lover.ly, which is a pretty cool site for planning a wedding or simply daydreaming about weddings.  {I know, I know, that’s what you thought Pinterest was for!  Turns our there are lots of wedding-dreaming sites..}  I hadn’t heard of lover.ly before, but it seems like a great resource for brides-to-be!  {They’re a fun Instagram follow, as well – even if you’re not a bride.}  They invited me to style a wedding -choosing dress, shoes, and headpiece from their site- based on a specific location.  They sent me images of three different locations, and I chose the “Rustic Elegance” option, because I have always thought about getting married on my grandparents’ farm in Iowa.  And even if I don’t do that, I know I’d prefer an outdoor-ish wedding if that day ever comes.

Cue the over-thinking.

I went back and forth between the thoughts that this would be a fun, cool little thing to do, versus this is so lame because I am a single girl styling a hypothetical wedding.  In the end, the cool-fun factor won, as it usually does with me. :)  So, let’s not over-think it, and just jump into the styling stuff.

loverlySince I am styling for a pretend bride who I am pretending is me {did I mention this is all pretend??}, of course I chose the shoes first!  I knew I would want heels, because, duh.  But I wanted a thicker heel that would work for walking around outside without sinking into the ground.  I scrolled through pages and pages of shoes before I saw them, just as pretty as could be, calling out to my soul….these perfect little mint booties!  If those don’t scream elegance, I don’t know what does.  They’re basically everything I would want in a wedding shoe.  At least right now.  I reserve the right to change my mind when the mood strikes.  But really, these are pretty great.  Decent heel height, open toe, timeless design, gorgeous color.  Not too frilly, but still delicate in their own way.  Maybe I need to stop talking about the shoes now.

Okay.  The dress.  Oh my word.  It’s so beautiful, y’all!  I can’t even handle it.  Look at the details!  It’s just insanely divine!  And it’s a good thing those shoes weren’t wicked expensive, because I’m pretty sure this dress is.  When it says “Price On Inquiry”, well, there goes my pretend wedding budget.  Because, man, I {pretend} need this dress!  First I need to work on getting a flat stomach and better posture.  #pretendweddinggoals  Also, that length would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, since it wouldn’t drag and possibly get caught on twigs in the enchanted forest setting of our Rustic Elegant affair.  And now I am going to force myself to stop staring at that gorgeous dress so we can move on to the headpiece.

I chose the shoes and dress so easily, but I struggled a bit with the headpiece.  I feel like this one could be a little cliche, with the blue feathers and birdcage veil.  Are birdcage veils overdone?  I want to be unique at my pretend wedding, not like all the other brides!  I looked at a few mesh-type veils {I have no idea what they’re called} like this one, but in the end, the blue feathers were calling my name.  Green is my favorite color and blue is my second-favorite color, so I know I’ll have those two colors in my wedding, whether it’s pretend or real.  So I had to go with this headpiece.  Plus, I like the nature-y element of the feathers, since it is a Rustic Elegant pretend wedding, after all.

Just fyi: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post, I just thought it would be fun to do.  Oh, and I believe they will share it on their social media over at lover.ly, but that’s it.  And just in case you are planning a for-real wedding, be sure to check out lover.ly and what they have to offer, starting with perusing for the perfect dress!

Hope you all enjoyed my pretend-wedding styling today! :)


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cherylAugust 20, 2014 - 6:32 pm

I enjoyed reading this!

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