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true life stories ~ i made a very easy diy compost bin

Let me tell you how I made my very own, easy, cheap diy compost bin, if you are interested in hearing about it.  And you know, creating rich soil out of crap.  And being green and healthy and saving the earth and all that.  If you’re not interested in all that, I’m not judging.  Avert your eyes now and go along your way.  Hope your day is lovely.

Anyway.  Here’s how you can do this thing exactly like I did, except you can skip half these steps:

Step 1: Find a great blog post about how to make your own compost bin that seems like it will definitely work better than the diy one you tried last year that fell apart in the brutal Oklahoma sun and that you never “stirred” because you hated stirring it in the hot, hot sun with flies around.  {See, you can skip this step.  I already did all of it for you.}  Go read the post I linked for way more technical explaining than I’m about to do..

Step 2: Pin the post on your awesome Pinterest page to refer to when you finally get around to buying a garbage can to use for it.  Keep throwing away all the useful things you could be composting and not saving the earth until you finally go to the hardware store and find the perfect trash can on sale for $9.99!  Holla!!  {Just FYI: the “holla” is in celebration of the cheap trash can, not the not-saving-the-earth-for-awhile part.  Also, you can skip most of this step, too, and just buy a trash can or use one you have already.  Read the blog post I linked in Step 1 to see why a round trash can is a swell idea for a compost bin. :)}

Step 3: Poke some holes in the garbage can for ventilation.  I used a screwdriver to do this, but you can use whatever you have that works for you.  Some things will work better than others.  You’ll see.

Step 4: Put down a few bricks to create a platform for your compost bin – to allow upward ventilation through the holes you poked in the bottom.

Step 5: Add fruit or vegetables scraps, aka “green” composting material.

Step 6: Add dry, dead leaves or those little poky ball things {giggle. sorry. so mature.} that are all over your front yard – aka “brown” composting material.  The post I linked above suggested cardboard as a possible “brown” material, but when I {very quickly on Google} researched that, it seems like you might not want to compost chemical-filled stuff like cardboard, especially if you’re going to use the compost in your garden {I am}.  But I’m no compost expert, so feel free to do your own research about what to compost. :)Step 7: Add a little water.  Then just continue to add stuff you want to compost.  Roll the trash can around every week or so to “stir” all your awesome ingredients.

And that’s it, folks.  So easy.  Yay, composting!


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Kelly BeaneMarch 8, 2013 - 2:43 pm

YES! So proud of my little composting friend! Ours is not so nice. It is just a huge pile of crap (not literally of course) piled behind our shed in the backyard. We finally got to use some of the soil last year, but we’ve had that thing going for like 6 years now, haha!

Oh and just for fun, things you can compost that I can’t imagine putting in that pile:
fingernail clippings, UGH!
pet hair, no thank you
bird cage cleanings :(
or better yet chicken, cow or rabbit manure, no way
hair clippings, ew again
tissues, now that is just nasty
dead flies, absolutely not, won’t do it

I think there’s much more, but that’s all I could remember. I was so grossed out when I read those things. EW!!!!!! I’ll just stick to my egg shells, cartons, coffee grinds, bad food, etc. etc. ;)

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