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true life stories ~ how to pack for a trip to alaska

alaska vacation outfits 01Please notice I did not title this How To Pack Lightly For Alaska.  I’m pretty sure I will never write a blog post on how to pack lightly.  Just wanted to be clear on that, first.

I booked this trip months ago {gotta get those cheap airfares}, and have since spent a bit of time thinking about what in the world I was going to wear on my trip to our northernmost state.  Pinterest, my favorite source of inspiration, surprisingly did not offer much help when I was trying to mentally plan outfits.  So I thought I’d put together my own post in case these outfits work out well for a trip to Alaska in May. I’ll be sure to report back and let you all know, or you can follow along with my trip on SnapChat {abi.ruth – abi underscore ruth was already taken, which made me sad because that’s my social media handle everywhere else} and Instagram, where I’ll probably be posting the most while I’m gone.

Can you guys tell I am just a little bit excited about this vacation??!!  I mean, I have ideas all the time for blog posts, and much like the ideas I have all the time for all sorts of things in life, I mostly don’t follow through and do a lot of them.  So this is kind of a big deal, even though it’s not really.  I actually took the time to photograph my outfits for this trip before I packed them!  And I was almost completely packed over twenty-four hours before I even leave!

Okay, enough patting myself on the back, let’s talk clothes! :)

When I asked my friend Betsy what the weather is like up there right now, she said it’s been around the fifties during the day and cools down a bit at night.  She said layers are the key to dressing in Alaska.  So I packed things I can layer.

For the outermost layers, I am taking these pieces below.  The big, chunky sweater in the middle is roomy and incredibly cozy and it has pockets!  No matter how many layers I have on, I can throw this over it all.  And it’s a nice long length so it will keep my booty warm, too.  :)  I plan on taking it on the plane to use as a blanket and/or pillow.  The black and white sheer top will add a cool graphic punch to any outfit.  And the little floral jacket is one of my favorite recent pieces – all the colors make it go with almost anything.

I got the striped piece online somewhere a long time ago, maybe from GoJane.  The awesome sweater is one of my favorite thrifted items this year so far.  I found it at Heart and Hand thrift store, and I’ve worn it about a million times since buying it.  I found the perfect floral jacket at Burlington Coat Factory not too long ago.

alaska vacation outfits 02Next up are my long sleeved tops I’m taking.  You might notice I’m not a super casual person, but I tried hard to pack stuff I can wear outside while hiking/sightseeing. I think I did a good job?

The only top here that wasn’t thrifted is the bright orange one.  I’ve had it forever and I can’t even remember where I got it.alaska vacation outfits 03Okay, so I have to mention this about these tank tops I’m taking: every single one of these is Mossimo brand from Target {I think they make some of the best tanks that fit well and don’t wear out quickly}, but I found every single one of these at thrift stores!  Just thought that was kind of funny.  Other than the green/black/white one, these tanks are long enough to pull down over my bottom, thereby adding that essential layer to meet my leggings requirements. :)  Also, I think the blue dip dyed one is probably a guys tank top, but whatev.alaska vacation outfits 04Look, tee shirts!  I can do casual…. haha.  And yes, I know the emerald green top isn’t a tee shirt, but it fell into the short sleeve shirt category {and it’s a cute, flattering top that doesn’t wrinkle – kinda perfect!}.  These shirts were all thrifted except for the sweet Oklahoma tee, which I got at DNA Galleries a couple years ago {#shoplocal!}.alaska vacation outfits 05Finally we have made it to the bottoms {that was a lot of tops, y’all}…. Silver leather-ish looking leggings from Amazon, because why not?!  I think I am going to wear those on my flight to Alaska, because I like to make a statement with my arrival {I’m getting in at 2:23am, but whatev} and because I have a layover in Vegas and I fully plan on spending all of it playing the slot machines in the airport there — and silver leggings seem fitting for that, right? :)

But wait, it gets better.. See these sweet wide leg printed pants?  I got them at CVS for nine ninety-nine.  This is a true story!  I try to act like I’m so cool, like all my clothes come from thrift stores or local shops, but really, when I’m at CVS buying makeup {I have their rewards card and I get allll the coupons, guys!} and I see a cute pair of pants that for some unknown and unexplainable reason are being sold at CVS, I must buy them.  Apparently.  Ain’t no shame in the game.  Okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit of shame.

Anyway.  The grey jeans were a thrifted answer to prayer, as I’ve searched high and low for grey jeans that fit great.  I was at the point where I was willing to pay a lot for them, when just the other day I found these at a thrift store.  Yay!  The bright leggings came from Ross and the black ones from Goodwill.  The blue yoga pants came from TJ Maxx, which has great workout clothes for good prices.  And I thought it would be smart to bring one skirt along {I got it at Burlington Coat Factory a long time ago}.  This stretchy knee length pencil skirt packs great and the charcoal color goes with almost anything.

alaska vacation outfits 06I planned each piece I am taking and was pretty organized about it, otherwise I would have packed soooo much more.  I have specific outfits in mind, but I tried to pack things I could mix and match, since I’m not sure exactly what all we will be doing while I’m there {and because I like to have options}.  Really, I think I could make outfits to last for about a month from these clothes!

To save room, I always roll most of my clothes when packing. alaska vacation outfits 07Some tops with their buttons and pockets and sleeves seem bulkier to me if I roll them, so I just fold them instead. alaska vacation outfits 08I saved the shoes for last because shoes are the best, right??  Obviously I have to take one pair of {thrifted} heels.  I have no idea if I’ll wear them, but if we go to church or a nice dinner, I’ll be happy I have them.  Trust me when I say these are, overall, the most casual shoes I have ever taken on any trip!  I am so proud of myself for packing such practical shoes, y’all.  I mean, at least I think they are practical.  They’re practical for me.

Oh, pro tip: always bring a pair of flip flops when traveling.  I honestly almost never wear flip flops at home, but they’re great “house shoes”, shower shoes, pool shoes, etc when you’re on vacay. alaska vacation outfits 09So that’s what I’m taking to Alaska.  I also threw in a couple of beanies and a scarf, but I forgot to take pix of those.  Here’s hoping this wardrobe will do me well while I’m on my trip!


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Kelly BeaneMay 22, 2015 - 11:31 pm

You were packed 24 hours before a trip!?!?!? That’s a record ;) This is so much more than what I could have imagined for a trip to Alaska. You are quite amazing my friend!

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