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true life stories ~ good times in d.c., and cheering my family at the marine corps marathon


A couple of weeks ago, I got to go to Washington, D.C., with my family.  The purpose of the trip was for most of my family to run in the Marine Corps Marathon or the 10k.  They ran in memory of my brother Jack and in support of a great organization called TAPS, which helps families who have lost a loved one in the military.  Both of my sisters, my sister in law, my nephew, my sister’s boyfriend, and a family friend who was on Jack’s Special Forces team, all ran the marathon.  My parents and another of my nephews ran the 10k.

I took pictures and cheered. :)

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get any photos of my parents or my nephew Jace running the 10k, since it started the same time as the marathon, but we did manage to find a {freezing cold!!!!!!!} spot close to the ten mile mark in the marathon to wait and watch for our runners to pass by.  Here’s my sis Amber right around ten miles into it, looking great. :)


And my sis in law, Ashley, also looking good at ten miles.


The cool thing about the Marine Corps Marathon is that it winds around through D.C. and is pretty easy to get from one point to another while watching.  After we saw all our peeps at the ten mile spot, we moved to another spot close by that was just past the sixteen mile mark.  Here’s my nephew DJ, jogging past us there.

Side note: before this marathon, DJ didn’t exactly do any hardcore training.  In fact, he estimated that the furthest he’d run prior to that was about five consecutive miles.  Ha!  So.  Good thing he’s an athletic, in shape sixteen year old!


I decorated my youngest nephew’s abs to flash at our Team Jack Attack runners as they went by. :)


The guy in the middle of this pic, in the red, white and blue TAPS tank top, is Matt.  He was one of the guys on Jack’s Special Forces team, and it meant a lot to have him join my family in running to remember Jack.


This was at the twenty-six mile mark, right before the end of the marathon.  I was so, so proud of my sis Mandi {and her boyfriend Derric} when I saw that big smile on her face here!  I mean, if it were me, after running twenty-six miles….never mind.  That would never, ever happen.  Haha!


That evening, the runners had one request from me before we all ventured out to share a meal together: “Please get us some beer!” :)  So, I obliged, and we proceeded to offer some toasts – mine was to my dad, for running a 10k just a few days after being rushed to the ER and spending the night in the hospital due to severe migraine complications which have been plaguing him.  I am so proud of my amazing family!!


We all stayed in D.C. for a couple extra days after the race, just to have a little family vacation time.  It was so, so nice.  I don’t even remember the last family vacation we went on.  We missed having my brother Abe and his family there, but we did have a great time just hanging out in D.C. together.  And we all became pros at navigating the Metro..mostly. :)

This pretty view was right across the street from the cool house we rented to stay in while we were there.


Obvious tourist stuff.  No shame. :)


Exploring the museums.  So fun.IMG_9906



There’s so much more I could post about this trip, but I tried to keep it brief, since I know it can be pretty boring to read about other peoples’ vacations. :)  This post was for me, really, since I want to hold the sweet times I had with my family close to my heart.  I also got to see two of my lovely cousins while on this trip, which made it even better.  I am so thankful for time away with my fam.


p.s.  This was the second time I have gotten to cheer on someone running the Marine Corps Marathon in memory of my brother Jack.  Last time, it was my dear friend Nathan, a few years ago, and I blogged about it here.

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