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true life stories ~ crushing all my fears

I’m sitting here at my desk in the office I’ve worked at for about nine years. It’s after 12:00pm, so I am officially off work for the day. Of course, when I say “off work for the day”, that only means I can leave my office job for the day and don’t have to do any more work here. For a good long while now, it seems like I’ve sort of been on a never ending treadmill of work. I am not complaining, because I am and have been super grateful for my jobs! But about a month and a half ago, I knew I needed to make a change in order to do better at life. So, instead of working for two amazing bosses at two different offices for a total of forty hours a week like I have been since the beginning of this year (and for years before that, it was the same thing, just all at the same office building), I will now only be working sixteen hours a week at one office for one amazing boss. And today is day one of my new hours! I thought I should probably do a blog post about it. :)

Change is pretty hard for me, and I tend to stick with something once I’ve committed to it, but I prayed a lot about this and definitely felt God guiding me to this decision. So I am stepping out in faith, in a big way. I am cutting way back on my steady income, in order to have more of me (which is absolutely not really me, but an overflow of Christ and His love!) to share with others.

I just got back from a trip to San Antonio with my family, where we watched and celebrated as my niece Laila completed her basic training for the Air Force Reserves. It was an amazing trip. I want to have more availability for things like that.

I miss my friends. We are all so busy that it’s hard to find times to connect. I hate that, and I want to help change it.

My own businesses, my photography and my little fledgling business of selling clothes, need me to breathe more life into them in order for them to really grow and blossom.

And the one thing I haven’t talked much about yet here on the blog, The Cornerstone Project, is something I want to have way more of me to pour into! (I realize the grammar is not great here, I’m just letting the words flow from my heart right now.) You see, I’ve taken on a co-leader position with this awesome organization, and I am full to the brim with excitement for what God is doing with it! I promise you will be hearing more and more from me all about Cornerstone in the future.

So anyway, the point of this blog is really less about me and what I’ve got going on, and more about God and how amazing He is at crushing all my fears! See, I’ve been really nervous about this transition from full time pay to part time pay. I’m not the best at handling my finances, and it scares me to think about not getting that full time paycheck every two weeks. So I’ve been talking to God about it. And you know what? He’s already answering my prayers! This past weekend was the best weekend I’ve had so far in clothing sales. And I’ve had people contacting me consistently about doing photo shoots! And they’re shoots I’m really happy and proud to be doing. Also, I am house and dog sitting this week, which is one of my very favorite ways to randomly make a little extra income. God is showing me He hears me and He will provide! I am so incredibly thankful for my relationship with Him! Just wanted to give my Lord a little shout out today.


p.s. That image at the top of this post is from a shoot I did last weekend and it has a really cool story behind it, which I will be sharing soon!


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Kelly BeaneAugust 3, 2017 - 1:07 am

Yessss! Crush those fears girl. You are stepping out in a big way and I could not be prouder of your perseverance through difficult situations, your faith in the Lord and his plan for you, your commitment to serving him with your time and your passion for all the amazing things you have going on. You inspire me to be better and do more and you will continue to do that for others through these changes. I’m incredibly happy for you!

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