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true life stories ~ a tale of two diy painted rugs

This is a fun rug, right?  Here’s what it used to look like..A month or so ago, Jenny posted over at Little Green Notebook about a new rug she got.  I clicked over to the site she got it from, since I enjoy looking at cool rugs – even they are usually all way out of my price range.  While browsing, an amazing, colorful rug caught my eye.  So, I immediately pinned it, with a vague idea of trying to do my own version of the paint splattered look.  I knew we had two plain, neutral colored rugs at home I could use.  Because, after all, two is better than one, right?

In case you’re too lazy to click any of those links above {don’t worry, no judgement}, here’s the inspiration rug..

A couple weeks ago, I dug up a few old tubes of fabric paint I had on hand and went and bought a couple more.  I painted the two rugs, and I was pretty happy with them, but I sometimes just don’t know when to stop.  This is a real problem with me, and not just in my creative endeavors.  So after swirling and squeezing a pretty cool design onto each rug, for some reason I decided to add a layer of spray paint.  I didn’t love the results as much as I hoped {sorry, I didn’t take any photos at that point}, but fortunately for me, a huge, torrential downpour of rain was about to start.  So I simply left the rugs out in the rain all night, and washed and dried them the next morning.  This is a true story.  After all that, they both returned to a pretty neutral state, as pictured up above.

Yesterday, I decided I was ready to try again.  I started off the same was as last time, by wetting down the rugs a bit to get more of a seeping look to my colors when I splattered them on. Then I grabbed a handful of fabric paints I had picked up at Hobby Lobby for less than ten bucks. And I did work on those rugs.  This part was really fun.  Just squeezing the paint tubes and splattering it all over each rug.  I took more of a swirly approach on this one. And I went with splattered lines on this one. After I had finished, the paint wasn’t looking quite as splattered as I wanted, meaning the lines were too precise {see above}.  So I brought back out my watering can and splashed a bit of water all over each rug.  This is what I ended up with….I was thrilled!  I know these might not be for everyone, but they make me smile.  I {of course} used an array of colors, but this could be cool with just a few select colors, too.  The rugs were cheap to begin with, plus we had owned them for awhile, so I had fun breathing some life and art into them.  I think the swirly design is my favorite, but my niece likes the splattered line one better.  For now, they are living in our kitchen and dining room.What do you think?  Love ’em or hate ’em?  Do you think you would ever try painting a cheap rug?


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