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thrifted style shoot ~ black joggers, styled two ways

I’m back with more pix of my pretty sister Mandi, from our fun style shoot we did recently. In my post the other day, I mentioned how I am becoming more and more appreciative of wardrobe staple pieces. The basics. These black jogger sweatpants are exactly those. I don’t even know if they’re really joggers, because the ankle isn’t tight on them. But calling them sweatpants seems rude, because they’re really nice. These are Lauren Ralph Lauren black sweats that are oh-so-soft and oh-so-thrifted for like two dollars! And they looked brand new! So, I wanted to do a couple of outfits for Mandi that were just quick and easy and very comfy, but look pulled together.

We started by pairing the pants with this darling icy mint green tee featuring a silver paillate sequin lip print graphic. Amazing. Also from the thrift store. :) This tee has an oversized fit, so I did a quick, messy front side tuck to define the waist a little. The pants are a bit of a loose fit, too, so the half tuck helps it look more styled and not sloppy. Mandi had her super cute thrifted coat on for warmth when we jumped out to take these photos, and I thought it looked great together so I told her to leave it on. I think it works for a couple reasons. One, the colors are fresh and nice together — the green is a cool tone and the yellow warms it up, and the soft colors up top are grounded by the black pants. Two, the lines of the coat work well here. It’s structured and the outfit is not, so there’s a good juxtaposition happening. Plus, the open front of a longer coat like this in a contrasting color provides some nice lengthening lines and kind of frames the cool graphic on the shirt without letting it steal the show. The sweet black loafers we borrowed from my Grams (true story!) help tie everything together, since they are shiny (like the lips on the shirt), have gold accents (echoes the yellow of the coat), and they’re black (like the pants, duh).

Now, I’ll be very honest and tell you I did not at all think all these things through when throwing this outfit together. But sitting here and looking at it, I can analyze and put into words what makes an outfit work, in my opinion. And the beauty of this world is: we all have different ideas and opinions! So if you don’t love this outfit, go forth and create your own! :)Next up, we paired the pants with a lightweight, gray v-neck sweater. In case you haven’t heard or seen yet, belts are back in a big way! I love this one I found at a thrift store recently. I’m pretty sure the buckle was handmade! So cool. And like every outfit ever that I put together, I do the opposite of the old adage that says “take one thing off”, and instead I add something! ;) (Sorry, Coco. I’ve got a long ways to go before I’m even close to your level.) So I added this scarf of Mandi’s and I feel like now you have this cozy, easy outfit that’s cute and far from basic even though it’s made up of mostly basic pieces. I love the textures happening here!So there you have it. Isn’t my sis the prettiest?? I still have a few more looks to share from my styled session with here. Hope you’re enjoying these. :)


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Kelly BeaneMarch 21, 2017 - 5:10 am

I loooooove your detailed reasoning behind how the pieces work together. You truly have a gift!!! Still need to go thrifting with you because I swear I never find gems like you do! XOXO

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