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thrift thriving ~ one sweater, two ways

faux fur clutchHere’s the second post of thrifted goods worn by my friend Amy and styled by me.  {To see the first post, click here.}  But before we talk about the outfit here, first I have to do some rambling, of course. :)  Bear with me.

When I was a teen, I would do “makeovers” on my friends.  We would thumbtack a sheet or piece of fabric to the ceiling and take a “before” photo, and then I’d do their hair and makeup and pick out clothes for them to wear, and we would do a little “after” photo session.  It was hilarious, because one, that’s just really cheesy; and two, I had a little point and shoot camera and knew absolutely nothing about actual photography.  Even so, those very scenarios are what ultimately led me to attend photography school.

See, back in the day, I actually really wanted to be a hair and makeup artist.  I checked out a few cosmetology schools, but it just never felt like the right fit for me.  Then I had a light bulb moment one day at work {pre-photography days, while working as a receptionist for an office suite} when I realized that maybe I should learn how to “do” photography, so I could properly document my beauty endeavors.  I had this funny idea that I would open a studio that would be like a way better Glamour Shots, minus the cheesiness and plus some coolness.  Well, obviously that never came to pass, and my photography career mostly took a different course which has been dominated by weddings and family portraits.  It’s been a course that I’ve truly loved and been extremely blessed by; but I so enjoy doing styled sessions like this one, where I have total styling and fashion control.  Yikes.  That sounds bad.  I swear I’m not a control freak at all {trust me, I’d mostly rather have other people run my life and make the hard decisions for me, ha!}; but I do have a passionate, lifelong love affair going with all things fashion and beauty, so any chance to do my thing in those areas is really welcome.  And sometimes we come to a point in life where we realize, “hey, I have all the tools right at my fingertips to do something I’d really love to do, so maybe I should just do it!”  Anyway, I guess that’s been my approach with these thrifted style posts I’ve been doing lately.  It’s just funny to me how it’s all kind of come full circle.  Sort of.  I mean, thank goodness I’m not running a Glamour Shots type of studio right now, because, let’s be honest, the deadly combo of photo-editing apps plus dang Instagram would’ve put me out of business by now anyway! ;)thrifted sweater with neon skirtOkay, now let’s talk about the fashion stuff happening in this post.  First, this sweater: horizontal stripes across the top of a sweater or shirt will always have a sporty vibe, in my opinion.  Big knits and sporty clothes are having a style moment right now, so I thought it would be fun to show this sweater styled tow different ways.  First up, we have it paired here with a thrifted neon J.Crew skirt and some silver platform slides {which are actually also repeated in the second outfit down below}.

But we all know the accessories are really what makes an outfit, right?  Since faux fur is also presenting a strong presence on the street style and runway scenes alike, I grabbed an old fur bag I’ve had forever and folded it over to make a fun clutch for Amy to hold.  I adore the mixture of textures happening here!IMG_9037IMG_9075Then we took the sweater in a different but equally cool direction, pairing it with some thrifted joggers and a few fun accessories.  I really, really love this look.  It is so extremely comfortable but not at all sloppy or plain. IMG_9098This Stuart Weitzman crossbody bag is one of my favorite thrifted finds, and it’s cool pattern adds a lot to any outfit.  This is one of those pieces that I can never decide if it’s actually navy blue or black.  I really do think it’s navy, but sometimes it reads black in certain light.  Oh well, here it’s navy and that works perfectly for this outfit! :)IMG_9110Let’s just talk about this flower crown for a minute, shall we?  It’s actually a super simple diy project that I made a couple of years ago.  it was soooo easy.  I just popped the top off some blue faux flowers and ran a thin ribbon cord through them, and I’ve worn it about a million times as either a necklace or a headpiece. IMG_9130Have you tried front tucking your tops yet?  It’s a quick, easy little styling trick to add a bit of interest to your look.  I think it works especially well when done with looser pieces, as it defines the waist in a casually cool way.flower crown front tucked shirtIMG_9112_1This gorgeous statement necklace is another great thrift store find.  I love mixing fancy pieces like this with more casual items. IMG_9116The silver platform slides work just as well with this look as the first one.  I really wish they were my size!IMG_9137Let’s end with a couple headshots to show off Amy’s beautiful freckles and talk about the makeup.  If you’ve got pretty brown eyes like Amy, I feel like you can get away with using the widest range of shades on your lids.  I mean, it’s hard to find a bright eyeshadow that wouldn’t look good with brown eyes!  I used a blue shadow here just to prove you can match your makeup to your clothes and still look like a very cool chick. ;)  Oh, and if you are fortunate enough to have freckles, please pleeeease do not cover up those babies!IMG_9146IMG_9148Once again, I have to give a shoutout to Amy for being a fabulous model and all-around amazing person.  And thanks to all of you lovely people who read my overly wordy posts. :)


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