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thrift thriving ~ bathroom birdcage

IMG_1000I have never been one to make New Years resolutions.  Trust me.  I’ve never, ever been the one signing up for a gym membership or starting a new diet in January.  But since my birthday happens to fall on New Year’s Eve, I do love the fact that my year starts anew at the same time as the New Year.  And it does make me do a little more self-reflecting and evaluating.  Still, I shy away from setting resolutions because, to be honest, any type of goal scares me.  In my mind, a goal I set for myself simply seems to represent a chance to fail.  Especially if I publicly announce said goals, right??  But this year, in spite of allllll my issues, I feel some strong, simple goals brewing in my heart. And maybe, just maybe, I am at a place in my life where goals might represent a chance to succeed instead of failing.  But even if I don’t reach “success”, perhaps I will learn enough in the process to make it all worthwhile.  :)

bb2So, right now I have just a couple of goals on my heart for this year….One is to be more intentional with my friendships {most especially the longstanding, time-tested ones, where distance might make them not as “convenient” as they once were}, but I’m sure I will post more about that on another day.  Another goal, and the one I am focusing on in this post, is to renew {my word for the year}, nurture, and appreciate my home.

See, I am a girl who has many ideas but a lot {!!!} less follow through.  And my home {shared with my sister, Amber – really it’s her home, and I just live there and fill it with so. much. stuff. :)} suffers from my procrastination.  This year, I would love to change that.  And I’d like to document it.  Because pretty pictures motivate me like not much else does.  {Hence my ardent Pinterest addiction.}  Plus, I am not much of a household interior photographer {I usually much prefer to have people in my photos}, so I thought this could help push me to grow in that area.  Since I don’t have a husband or children or pets, I find that I hardly ever get out my “real” camera to photograph stuff at home.  I’d like to change that this year.  After all, I’ve been a photographer for 13 {whoa!!} years now, so anything that challenges me or forces me to search for a fresh perspective has got to be good for me.  :)

bb1But really, I said all of that just to talk about this little thrifted birdcage in my bathroom.  :)  I picked this up for twelve dollars, I believe.  At first, I tried filling it with battery-operated twinkle lights I bought online, but those were a bust.  The batteries did not last at all.  And the cord the lights were attached to looked pretty janky all jumbled up in the birdcage.  So, after Christmas, I thought about how all those Christmas bulbs would be marked way down, so I figured I could pick some up for cheap to fill my birdcage.  My original idea was to get all silvery mirrored ones, in order to bounce more light around the room.  But as usual, I procrastinated on going to look for bulbs, so I ended up getting a hodgepodge of different colors {mostly from Hobby Lobby, except the biggest, mirrored one, which was in a pack from JoAnn Fabrics}, all in keeping with our shower curtain, pictured above.  And ya know, sometimes my procrastination pays off, because I really love how it turned out!  But one questions, guys: does it look to Christmas-y to keep in there year round??  Give me your honest opinions.

I’m happy with my little birdcage project, which all together probably rang in for less than twenty-five bucks.  And I like the coatrack-turned-towel-rack and of course the shower curtain.  I do not like the popcorn ceiling or the partially light blue ceiling.  So, those are things I will put on my list of things around my house to work on and switch up.  I’m excited about all of this, because I am really just a big nerd! :)


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CherylJanuary 18, 2014 - 2:24 am

It does not look Christmas-y

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