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thrift thriving ~ a perfect summer-to-fall outfit, modeled by the beautiful amy

thrifted summer to fall style 0This is my absolutely beautiful friend Amy.  She came and visited me from out of state this past weekend, and I had the best time ever showing her some of my favorite OKC things and places.  Of course, in exchange for being such a good host, I forced Amy to model for me while she was here.  :)  We had fun doing a quick little session of a few thrifted outfits.  {You know I love this stuff!}  I’ll be sharing more next week, but for today, how’s this for a great little summer-to-fall transitional outfit??thrifted summer to fall style 2thrifted summer to fall style 1This bright clutch is one of my favorite, most-used {by me} thrifted finds ever.  It adds that little pop to any outfit, and it’s a great size and so perfectly foldable {<~ my spell check says that’s not really a word, but dictionary.com says it is}.thrifted summer to fall style 3This pretty bracelet was Amy’s own {in other words, it didn’t come from my thrifted stash}.  She bought it while overseas, from a man who was making them in Paris.  No big deal.thrifted summer to fall style 4Capes & fringe ~ two huge trends for this fall.  Thanks, thrift store, for keeping us current minus the designer prices!thrifted summer to fall style 5thrifted summer to fall style 6thrifted summer to fall style 9These shoes are absolutely killer, and I so wish they fit my size 7.5/8 feet instead of Amy’s tiny size 5.5/6 feet.  Dang it!  Also, I noticed these straight-off-the-runway heels on Pinterest the other day after doing this shoot, and smiled at how similar they are to these thrifted ones here!thrifted summer to fall style 7thrifted summer to fall style 8Okay, now to switch gears just a little and chat some deeper stuff.

Amy and I realized while she was here that we met twenty years ago.  We have maintained a strong friendship ever since then, despite never living in the same state!  I can’t even put into words how much I value our friendship.  Amy is one of those girls who is pretty much perfect in every way.  If she wasn’t so darn sweet and goodhearted, you’d probably be tempted to hate her for her perfection.  {She will hate me for saying that, by the way.  Not really hate, but you know what I mean.}  I’ve been through a few soul-crushing things in my lifetime so far, and each time, Amy has been a pillar of strength and support for me.  She is one whom I know I can count on to pray for me when I really need it.  And that means the world to me.

This weekend, I will travel down to Houston with my fam to attend the Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans game on Sunday.  We are doing this to celebrate and remember my brother Jack, a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan who was killed as a Green Beret five years ago.  Jack and Amy were close friends also, and five years ago, Amy and our circle of friends were there for me and my family in ways I can never repay or express enough gratitude for!

So, here’s to great friendships.  The kind that define your life and endure through years, distance, sorrows, and joys.  May we all be that kind of friend to those we love.

Happy weekend!


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DenaSeptember 26, 2014 - 10:38 pm

Beautiful!!!!’ And so inspiring!!!!

Kelly BeaneOctober 6, 2014 - 8:59 pm

Wow, she is pretty and I would definitely sport that dress. Inspiring words about friendship too!

[…] thrift thriving ~ a perfect summer-to-fall outfit, modeled by the beautiful amy […]

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