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think thrifted ~ 70’s style and nice people

70s style bell bottoms and fur 05Last Saturday was unseasonably warm and pretty here in OKC, and I was feeling the urge to do a little photo shoot.  I convinced my gorgeous friend Melissa to model for me.  I am proud to say that I bestowed her with the nickname Mo Dwiggins awhile ago, and it’s really caught on.  I have now shortened it to Mo Dwig, which I think goes along perfectly with the 70’s vibe here.  ha.

Everything Mo is wearing was thrifted.  These jeans.  They’re so cool.  They are 1974 bell Levi’s.  Oh how I wish I had a few extra inches of height and a few less inches of width – I would so rock these bad boys!  But if I can’t squeeze into them, at least I can take rad photos of them.  Is it weird that I’m talking about a pair of jeans like this?

I mean, just look at them. 70s style bell bottoms and fur 01To compliment the fabulous jeans, we just needed a simple cream turtleneck {can you tell I’m having a turtleneck moment?} and a beautiful fur shrug.70s style bell bottoms and fur 0270s style bell bottoms and fur 03The perfect, simple little extra something was this gold buckle bangle. 70s style bell bottoms and fur 04If you follow fashion at all, you know that 70’s style is currently enjoying a huge resurgence.  Of course, in my opinion, 70’s style will always be super cool.  Can I please just live inside the movie American Hustle??70s style bell bottoms and fur 06Even though Mo Dwig sports some long, lean limbs, we still had to find the tallest platform heels in order to keep these flares from dragging the ground.  You can just see the shoes peeking out in this photo. 70s style bell bottoms and fur 0770s style bell bottoms and fur 08The best part about this shoot is how it all went down.  Melissa and I spotted this van parked just down the street from my house.  We decided to jump out and do a few pix by it, when I noticed a lady across the street watching us from inside her front door.  After a few minutes, she came out and informed us that it was her son’s van and that we were welcome to get in it, lean on it, or whatever.  Aww!  I love nice people!  So, shoutout to my cool neighbors for lending their awesome van as prop for this fun shoot.  And shoutout to Mo Dwig for being a perfect model.  We did a couple of other outfits while we were at it {of course we did}, so I’ll be sharing those soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay warm and safe!


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