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think thrifted style shoot ~ my sis mandi : event outfits

Last weekend, I convinced my sis Mandi to pose for me in a little style shoot. When I say “little,” I mean I picked out a million outfits, had her try on a bunch of stuff, did her hair and makeup, we started shooting and ran out of daylight so I asked her nicely to come back at sunrise the next morning to finish… So yeah, not really “little” at all. But super fun!

Anyway, this all was inspired by a few things. One, of course I love finding cool pieces at thrift stores to style up and shoot (and sell, eventually). And also, when my nephew DJ graduated from basic training for the Navy last month, Mandi asked if she could wear this gorgeous Badgley Mischka skirt suit she knew I had thrifted awhile back and been hoarding. I thought that it would be perfect, and I set out to find her a top to wear with it. I love the texture of this pretty, dusty mauve pink shirt; and I adore how the long sleeves pool out of the three quarter length sleeves of the jacket. Mandi found the beautiful heels she is wearing here at a thrift store also. I thought she looked incredibly chic at the graduation! And I do have some photos from that day (which I might add later because I haven’t gone through them yet, shame on me), but the graduation was in Chicago and it was freezing and windy! So I wanted to grab a few pics in this outfit last weekend to show it off here. :)Then, a couple weeks ago, Mandi went to the ballet with a friend and was struggling with what to wear. We consulted over the phone several times and she actually ended up wearing the pink top from the outfit above with cream colored trousers. So pretty! But it got me thinking. Mandi has always had good style, in my opinion. Lately she has been a little more unsure of herself when it comes to fashion, because she has entered her early forties and worries about looking age appropriate. Now, here’s where I could say “just wear whatever you want to at whatever age, it’s fine!”…and I do sort of feel that way. But I myself am thirty-six now, and I find myself drawn toward more high quality pieces and different styles and colors than when I was younger. I think it’s a good thing to grow and mature in your style. And then when you are eighty, you can go back to wearing whatever the heck you want, age be damned! haha. Anyway, I do think this is harder when you are dressing for an event, such as the Navy graduation ceremony or the ballet. So, with that in mind, I came up with the outfit below as an option for a classy, cool lady to wear when you need to dress up a little but it’s not necessarily a formal gown occasion.These pants are wicked cool! They have two panels on each leg, over the actual pant leg. The panels are semi sheer and they move and flow in the most gorgeous way. This top is actually the only thing in this post that wasn’t found at a thrift store. But it was still a thrifty find! It’s a Lauren Ralph Lauren top I found at TJ Maxx on deep discount (gotta love those yellow tags!). I believe I paid six or eight dollars for this ninety-eight dollar top. :)I forgot the bag of jewelry when we went to take these photos, but I really think a couple of sparkly bracelets would complete this look beautifully. Luckily, Mandi’s gorgeous smile is enough to accessorize any outfit!Next week, I will share some of the (very, very cool) casual outfits we put together.

Love ya, sis! Thank you for modeling for me! <3




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MandiMarch 6, 2017 - 6:32 am

Love love loved “modeling” for you!! You made me feel like a real model! Love love love you!

Ashley SalvoMarch 6, 2017 - 7:42 pm

Love you ladies! Very cute photo shoot. Hope you are both doing well.

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