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think thrifted ~ edgy lucite green outfit

edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 07Dang, Mo Dwiggins, you’re such a hottie!

Just had to get that out of the way first. :)  In case you’re not up to speed, this is the second outfit from a little fashion shoot I did recently with my gorgeous friend Melissa.  You can check out the first one right here and see how much clothes and makeup can transform a girl from hippie chick to edgy cool girl.

The first outfit post was so popular that I’m sort of afraid everyone will hate this look, but it’s okay because I love it!  It’s definitely different.  The first outfit was like the all American, pretty, cool, always popular girl.  This outfit is like the edgy chick who people might like, but they’re not really sure what to think of.  Ha.  I love this girl, though!  I’m all for different and edgy.edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 01As you can see here, here, here, here, and here, lucite green is a huge color trend for spring and summer.  But I wanted to make it less sweet and more innovative.  So I paired it with black, made Mo rock socks with the heels {she was not a fan of the socks, just for the record – but she was a good sport and went along with my crazy styling ideas}, and looped a long necklace around for a choker effect.  I like anything that’s a nod to 90’s style, and that’s what this choker look makes me think of.edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 02I found this shirt at a garage sale and the rest of the outfit {skirt, shoes, bag} all came from thrift stores.  Honestly, you can usually find a cheaper deal on clothes at garage sales than at thrift stores.  The obvious downside to garage sales is that they’re less convenient.  Lots of early mornings and driving, less chance of finding stuff in your size.  So thrift stores win in the convenience department, but garage sales score better deals.  I am definitely a more avid thrifter, but anytime I drive by a garage sale, I will hop out and look around.edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 03Anyway, back to this top.  I absolutely love the color and I adore the lacing up the back.  I think I wore this top once, but it kinda made me feel like a tent.  I think the oversized look works better on someone who has a build more like Melissa’s.  Although I might try it again over some black faux leather leggings I just got.  The trick with anything oversized, of course, is to pair it with something more form fitting, like this vintage pencil skirt.edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 04edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 05edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 10Since we were going for an edgy look, we had to go with a super dark, bold lip.  I left the rest of her face pretty bare, with just a touch of dark green liner under her eyes. edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 06If you know Mo, you know this  is a far cry from her normal vibe, which is natural style all the way.  But I think she wears this look so well!  She’s awesome.edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 08edgy lucite green outfit by abi ruth 09I know this look is more daring than the previous one I posted of Mo, but I hope it might inspire someone a little bit in some way.  Maybe you’ll dare to try a mostly monochromatic outfit; or add some edge to a pale color by pairing it with black; or rock a deep, dark lip color.  Have some fun with your look this weekend! :)


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