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think thrifted ~ denim & linen

denim and linen thrifted outfit 028Denim has been having its “moment” in fashion for….awhile now.  But over the next few months, we will be seeing more and more of it, and the more detailed a denim piece is, the better – for now, anyway.  I’m sure the denim trend will swing back to more plain pieces at some point, so jump on this trend soon.  It’s easy and fun to be current with denim, because thrift stores almost always offer up a range of denim pieces to choose from.  This denim top and these linen shorts were both thrifted.

Even though magazines and even some fashion bloggers have started to jump ahead to fall clothing, in reality we are in the midst of hot, hot summertime.  So here’s some super summery fashion inspiration for you all this week.denim and linen thrifted outfit 027denim and linen thrifted outfit 030denim and linen thrifted outfit 031These linen shorts were just fine the way I found them, but I chopped off the bottom under the hem seam in order to let the raw edge fray a bit.

I don’t always love heels with shorts, but I did love the way these nude booties perfectly matched Briana’s gorgeous skin tone, and I like how they dress up the outfit a bit.  I think this would make a great casual date night outfit. denim and linen thrifted outfit 029A little swipe of eyeliner to match your top {or anything else you’re wearing} is very right-now also. denim and linen thrifted outfit 032Happy Monday, friends!


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