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that’s what she wore ~ thrifted tropical print shorts for spring

tropical print shorts outfit 2

All photos in this post were taken by my lovely sis Amanda.

If there’s one trend for this spring/summer that you should be able to easily find at a thrift store, it’s longer, looser, printed shorts.  I love the color story of this tropical pair of shorts I thrifted.  They can be worn with several different colors and styled in a variety of ways.

For those spring time days when it still gets a little cool out {I think we’ve moved past that stage here in OKC, finally}, this sweater is a perfect topper. tropical print shorts outfit 1I am a sucker for special details like the short mock collar {another big trend for this summer!} and the wide cuffs on this sweater. tropical print shorts outfit 7Everything here was thrifted, other than the sandals.  I’ve gotten a whole lot of wear out of this pendant, mostly because it goes with so many of my Thunder-colored outfits. :)  I paired the pendant with a red, chain handle clutch in order to bring out each of the corresponding colors in the shorts.  I kept the shoes more muted, but played up the orangey-red pops even more with my makeup {first photo up above}.  I have always had that old-lady tendency of matching my makeup to my outfit, and I don’t plan on changing my ways anytime soon!

tropical print shorts outfit 5tropical print shorts outfit 6tropical print shorts outfit 4tropical print shorts outfit 3So, in other, non-clothing-related news, I just have to mention how I have the best mentor in the world.  I know I’ve talked about her briefly on here before, but let me just give a little shout out to Kathy Davis.  We meet just about every week and talk about life and God and our weaknesses and strengths and highs and lows.  One topic that’s come up a lot is our fitness.  Not just weight, but general healthiness and well being.  {Important note on that: my sis Amber is the best fitness guru I know, and she always reminds me that you should work out to be healthy, not to get skinny!}  So, Kathy basically forced me into working out with her for the next couple of months by purchasing us a couple of months {!!} of fitness bootcamp.  Yikes!  I’ll be the first to say that I was super hesitant and actually pretty terrified about the idea of doing some tough workouts for the next couple of months.  But, we started this morning {at 6am, ahhhh!}, and I’ve been feeling very grateful to have someone who gave me the push and motivation I needed to kickstart a healthy summer.  And the best part is, Kathy and I are doing this together, so it will be impossible for me to punk out halfway through.

Are any of you starting a new fitness routine??  Tell me about it in the comments!

Oh, and I am not one to diet at all, whatsoever….But, working out has always been a huge motivation for me to eat healthier!  For one, I don’t want to waste a freaking hard, sweaty workout by eating grossly unhealthy food.  And two, I always feel way better while working out, and am able to complete the workouts more easily, if I am eating healthy.  Are you guys like that at all?

To end this on a really honest note, I really and truly do want to be healthier, but I also really, really would love for all my clothes to fit a little better.  So, there’s that.  Fashion fitness motivation.  Fitness fashion motivation.  Whatev, I’m going to bed now. :)


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