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that’s what she wore ~ thrift thriving ~ true life stories ~ all the good stuff ~ me and grandma janet

_MG_0028Well, if we are connected on any form of social media {I know, there are so many!}, you probably know by now that I convinced my Grandma Janet to move down from Iowa to Oklahoma and be my roommate a few months ago.  I pretty much can’t even tell you how much I love living with her, and I thought it was high time I officially introduced her here on the blog.  And what better way to do that than by having my sis Mandi do a little style shoot of grandma and I rocking some thrfited outfits??_MG_0011By now, you surely know how I love finding cute clothes at thrift stores.  But what you might not know is that I come from a family of thrifters.  My sisters and mom love shopping at thrift stores as much as I do.  And my Grandma Janet is like the queen thrifter and garage saler!  But I actually found the outfit she’s wearing here.  What’s funny is, I bought both pieces without realizing they were a set.  The thrift store where I found them didn’t have them together or anything and I didn’t even realize they went together, I just liked both pieces.  {It was a mad thrift store shopping dash when I was leaving Omaha after doing a couple photo shoots and decided to stop at this store on my way out of town.  So I was basically rushing through and grabbing everything I liked without a lot of thought – which is not the way I usually thrift, I just got lucky this time and ended up with some great stuff.}  So anyway, sometimes when I am at work, my grandma goes into my room and hangs up a few of my clothes because I am really bad about putting away clothing in a proper way ~ unless you consider covering the floor and half the bed proper..  Well, grandma, with her good fashion eye, found these two pieces in a pile of thrifted clothes and hung them up together, and I was like, “Oh my word, I bought an outfit and I didn’t even realize it!”  I’m telling y’all: living with your grandma is pretty much the best thing ever in so many ways!!_MG_0013If you can’t tell from these photos, my grandma is kind of a feisty one.  And I love it.  She and I get real sassy with each other sometimes, and it keeps me cracking up!  But we are also two peas in a pod, no joke.  She owns as many accessories as I do, which is no easy feat.  When we did these pix, I asked her to hold this little blue bag, but other than that, she styled her own look and was fabulous as always.  We actually had a little, uh, discussion about her shirt and how she chose to wear it.  I thought it would look better with a shorter shirt or a shirt that could be tucked in, but she insisted that “the ladies on The Q always have a long shirt like this with their outfits.”  She was referring to QVC, her drug of choice when it comes to tv.  {I read fashion blogs, she watches The Q.}  I argued with her that I have better style sense than the ladies on The Q, and she disagreed and I was completely insulted and we both cracked up.  That’s what we were giggling about in the photo above.  And just for the record, I’m still completely outraged {and amused} by the fact that she would even joke about the people on QVC having better fashion sense than I do! ;)_MG_0024_MG_0031_MG_0044_MG_0053So, my shoes were from GoJane and my necklace was from Rue21, and our outfits and bags were thrifted.  Just a note on the shoes: I have gotten more and more choosy when it comes to buying shoes and I tend to steer away from really cheaply made shoes now; but when I do get a cheapo pair, I like this suede finish because it holds up much better than smooth fake leather.  So there’s your cheap shoe pro tip for the day. :)

Hope you all enjoyed meeting my Grandma Janet.  Let me know if you’d like to see more style posts like this!  And give your grandma a hug or a phone call today!


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