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that’s what she wore ~ my favorite, possibly best, and definitely most worn thrift find ever (aka: an ode to a sweater)

People often ask me what my best thrift find ever was…

Jk, people don’t really ask me that very often. It just sounded like a good intro for this post. haha

Some people have occasionally asked me that over the years, and it is something I think about a lot. I have found some really great pieces at thrift stores. We’re talking seriously good finds. From high end designer pieces to sweet vintage, it’s safe to say I am a well-dressed (in my own opinion, anyway) testament to the incredible articles of clothing which lurk under the lovely florescent lights of a thrift store.

But I can assuredly say there is hands down one piece I’ve gotten the most wear out of and the most compliments on, and it is this amazing, cozy, timeless sweater.I say it’s timeless because I definitely had to cut some ridiculous foam shoulder pads out of it when I got it, which told me then it had already been around awhile. And I’ve owned this gem for a little over two years now, and I feel like it’s as current now as when I got it. I mean, how can a stain resistant (seriously – I am the messiest person, and this thing has withstood my worst assaults with no damage!), warm, long, nubby-textured sweater with pockets ever go out of style?! It can’t and it won’t, I’m telling you. Because I am going to force it to look cool no matter what trends come and go. This is the thing I can throw on over anything, anytime, and it legit feels like I am wearing a hug. :) It’s basically like wearing a bathrobe, except it’s acceptable for streetwear.Even though I had no idea when I bought it how much wear I would actually get out of it, I must have known it was a good find, because I snapped a photo of the price I paid for it. I’m a weirdo and I haven’t deleted this photo off my phone for two years now, because it makes me happy to see this reminder of what a great thrifter I am. Ha!

One time, I listened to a podcast where they talked about the cost-of-wear for an item, and how you should think about the actual value of a piece. So, for instance, a pair of jeans you wear twice a week or more could justify a higher price tag than a jacket you might only wear a few times a year. Because if you divided the amount you paid by the number of times you wear a piece, it can shift what you might be willing to pay for an item. All I’m saying is, if I divided the price I paid for this sweater by the number of times I’ve worn it, I probably paid -.02 cents for it. And I’m not done wearing it yet!Okay, okay. I’ve rambled on enough about my favorite thrift find ever. Sorry to all you girls who have told me you want to steal it from me. :) I always keep an eye out for something similar, at every thrift store I browse. If I ever find another one, I’ll put it on eBay and let you guys enter a bidding war for it. ;)




p.s. The brand is Bramble Lane, if you ever want to search for The Best Sweater Ever for yourself. :)

p.p.s. Shout out to my girl Kelly Beane for always taking the best photos of me!

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