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that’s what she wore ~ in alaska!

alaska vacation outfits 18Okay, so this is kind of just an excuse to post Alaska pix, and kind of a follow up to my previous post.  I didn’t take any “outfit pix” in Alaska, but I did take about twelve million photos {a good mix of iPhone and my real camera}, some of which show the clothes I wore..

Let’s get right to it.

Airport outfits, in my opinion, should be comfy and cool.  Why settle for just comfy when you can also have cool??  Silver leggings and layers were perfect for my flight out, when I went from warm, muggy weather in Dallas to cooler weather up north.  {Oh, and I only wear shoes with socks to fly now, because I hate walking through the security check points barefoot.  Eww.} alaska vacation outfits 10This next photo is from my first day in Alaska….and it was nearly ten o’clock at night!  The long daylight hours during the summer there are really crazy.  I loved it!alaska vacation outfits 11My second day there, we drove up to Denali National Park.  I was super excited to wear some plaid in Alaska, because it just seems fitting.  This plaid top isn’t flannel, which is good, because it was over seventy degrees out that day!alaska vacation outfits 12This outfit was comfy for the three and a half hour car ride that day, plus it was nice and roomy so I could get two scoops of ice cream! ;)  If you ever go to this little ice cream shop in Denali, get the huckleberry ice cream!  So good.alaska vacation outfits 13We stayed at a sweet little cabin in Healy, Alaska, that night before exploring Denali Park the next day.  This trippy pic was taken in the woods right outside our cabin.  Toryn {pictured up above with me} and I had fun playing with some panoramic photos on my iPhone.alaska vacation outfits 14This outfit of layered white tops over black leggings {all of it thrifted} was perfect for exploring Denali.  Betsy and I are smiling and posing here like this water wasn’t freezing cold.  {Also, this is right after we saw a couple of bears off in the distance!} alaska vacation outfits 15alaska vacation outfits 16This outfit also proved to be perfect for some light hiking and climbing. ^p.s. I didn’t carry a purse around Denali, that’s my lens bag!alaska vacation outfits 17alaska vacation outfits 19alaska vacation outfits 20Even though it was surprisingly warm out my first couple of days there {and I loved it!}, I was determined to get a pic in some snow.  I mean, I was in Alaska, after all!  This patch of frozen snow {ice?} worked for me, although it didn’t respond at all to my snow angel attempt.alaska vacation outfits 21And would you believe my white tops stayed completely clean all day, until the snow angel pose??alaska vacation outfits 22The next day was Sunday, and we were back at my friends’ home.  We started off the day by going to their church.  Betsy and I stopped to take a few pix after church.  I was fascinated by the clouds over the mountains.  It was so pretty!

I am shamelessly including this pic to show off my calf muscles.  Shout out to good genes plus heels-wearing for shaping these legs! :)alaska vacation outfits 23I promise I didn’t just traipse around Alaska in heels, y’all.  I only wore them to church and then again for a quick little photo shoot I had Betsy do of me the last night I was there.alaska vacation outfits 24On Monday, we headed down south a bit from where my friends live.  The drive was absolutely beautiful!  A sweatshirt, soft leggings, and beanie were perfect for the cooler temps and slightly drizzly day.alaska vacation outfits 25alaska vacation outfits 26We found some more frozen snow!alaska vacation outfits 27I fell down right before this pic.  See Toryn laughing at me??  Haha!alaska vacation outfits 28On Tuesday morning, we hiked up to Thunder Bird Falls.  It was an easy hike and another beautiful day!  The slightly cooler temps allowed me to bust out another beanie.  This floral jacket goes with everything, I swear. alaska vacation outfits 30alaska vacation outfits 29My last night there, I shot a couple of family photo sessions.  After that, I asked Betsy to grab a few quick pix of me, since I wanted to have some legit pix with the mountains in the background. alaska vacation outfits 31This whole outfit, including shoes, was thrifted. :)alaska vacation outfits 32I loved every bit of my trip up to Alaska, and I can’t wait to go back!!  I’ll share some of the scenic stuff I shot {plus a few bear photos!} soon.


p.s.  Thanks to Toryn and Betsy for taking photos of me that I used in this post. :)

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KristenMay 29, 2015 - 7:15 pm

Oh your trip looks like it was beautiful! I’m also blown away by the full daylight pic at ten o’clock, whaaat?!

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