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that’s what she wore ~ flowered jacket with thrifted maxi dress

002  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitLast week, I had my sis Mandi take some outfit pix for me in a couple different outfits… This week, I had my friend Jamie chop about five inches off my hair… So I thought I should post the outfit pix asap and then do some new ones soon with my shorter hair. :)

I would say, generally speaking, most of my outfits consist of at least fifty percent thrifted items. In this case, the cool maxi dress and the sweet feather earrings were thrift store finds. The bright flowered jacket came from Burlington Coat Factory awhile back, and the heels were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s awesome mother.001  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitI love this dress so much because of the funky bottom half, but the top is pretty shapeless. I usually wear it with a vest or jacket over it to make it more flattering on me.003  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit006  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit005  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit

004  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitSo here’s a fun story:

This jacket is what first caught the eye of my amazing boyfriend, Jonathan. I know I haven’t talked much about him here on the blog yet, so here’s how it went down….Jonathan and I go to the same church {shout out to Life.Church NW}, but it’s a pretty big church and we had never actually met. Somehow, he started following me on Instagram; and last August, I posted a pic before church in this jacket. During the service that day, he spotted me and recognized me from Instagram and messaged me after. We went on our first date a week later, and have been blissfully together ever since! :) So, fashion for the win! Fun prints can really help you stand out, if you know what I mean… :)

Happy weekend, friends!


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[…] that’s what she wore ~ flowered jacket with thrifted maxi dress […]

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