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that’s what she wore ~ blue & white & gold & thrifted

IMG_3412Last night, as I laid down to go to bed at an embarrassingly early hour, I was exhausted in the best possible way.  My heart was filled to overflowing after a week of really great experiences.  First, I started off last week by going on a youth retreat with teens from my church.  This retreat is called Capacity, and it’s a leader-training opportunity for teens who display leadership potential and are already serving in the church.  I feel privileged that I got to attend.  God revealed some stuff to me about myself and some of my girls who went, and He answered a specific prayer in a wonderful way that just makes my heart so happy.

That was the first half of my week, and then this weekend was filled with a truly beautiful celebration of love and God’s blessings demonstrated so clearly though the wedding of my friends Shea & Teyon.  I had the honor of photographing their wedding, and it was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been a part of.  {I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but how else would I word that previous sentence??  Or did they do away with that grammar rule?  My inner grammar snob needs to know.}

Of course, I feel like you can’t have a week of spiritual and emotional highs without having Satan sweep in with an attack in your most vulnerable area.  So that happened this weekend with me, also, but I do believe that God has been preparing my heart and giving me emotional strength to recognize these attacks when they happen.  I can’t say that I responded perfectly, but I can say I am so thankful for the spiritual armor He provides for times like these.  And, over and over, I am eternally grateful for His grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.

Now, since all blog posts are always better with photos, I thought I’d share some images of me {shot by my sis Mandi} in another thrifted outfit – because that’s what I do. :)  {Please don’t get confused and think this is an outfit I wore this week or weekend, it’s actually from a few months ago when it was cooler outside.  Not that it really matters when I wore this, but I like to keep it real for y’all.  And I definitely haven’t been wearing long sleeves and scarves in the summer heat.  But whatev. :)}

IMG_3443ecrthrifted street styleIMG_3489IMG_3491

cobalt blue pants with gold shoesThe accessories here are another example of wearing things in ways other than they were intended to be worn – like I mentioned in this post.  See the flower crown I am wearing?  It’s really a necklace.  And that gold scarf?  It’s a ridiculous little gold skirt I found at the thrift store.  It’s way too small to fit my hips, but I just couldn’t resist that shiny fabric, so….it became a scarf for this outfit! :)  No sewing involved – I simply bunched it up around my neck and rolled the elastic waistband in so it wouldn’t show.

gold scarfIMG_3466IMG_3472Happy Monday, friends!  Here’s to good weeks and wonderful weekends and the good kind of tired and to keeping it real. :)


All photos of me in this post were shot by my sis Mandi.

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