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that’s what she wore ~ a comfy monday work outfit

comfy thrifted work outfit 01

{Big thanks to my sis Amanda for taking all the photos in this post.}

In addition to doing my photography, I also work in an office for a construction company.  I’ve worked here for years, and this job has been a huge blessing in my life in several ways.  Not only does it help pay for my shopping addiction my bills, but it also provides some structure in my life.  I am not the best at establishing boundaries, even when it comes to work hours and such, so it helps to have a job in an office with “normal” working hours.  It also helps to have a job where I can edit photos and work on blog posts and such things, as long as I get my other work done.  My bosses are very kind and laid back, and I can wear pretty much anything I want to work, but even with a relaxed attitude and no restrictions at the office, I try to make an effort to look nice.  Even so, on Monday mornings {after often doing photo shoots during the weekend}, I sometimes am pretty not-excited about getting up and being at work at 8am on Monday – just like everyone else in the world, right?  So, this outfit is perfect for days when you want to be comfy and feel like you’re wearing sweats, but still look presentable at work.  Now, maybe your office isn’t as laid back as mine {sorry}, and if that’s the case you could consider this type of outfit for a casual Friday at work or a weekend look {in which case you’d probably want to swap out the heels for some Chucks or something}.

As I think I’ve mentioned before on these outfit posts, my goal isn’t to provide you with links to purchase these items {they are almost always all thrifted, after all}, but more to give you ideas for outfits.  I get comments all the time from people saying they need help with style, and I love to talk about clothes, so for me it’s fun and hopefully helpful to break down my thought process about outfits.  To be honest, it helps me, too.  Usually I don’t really think about why I choose to wear a certain thing, or why I pair items together .  But when I post about it, it helps me analyze and define my style.  For example, looking at these pix, I think: I should have pushed up my sleeves and had them rolled/bunched around my elbows.  It would have added a little bit of the coolness factor {just look at the JCrew site to see what I mean}.

Also, I feel I need to touch on this as briefly and delicately as possible….as I’ve gotten older {I’m thirty-four}, my metabolism has slowed down and my love of food has not, so I’ve gained a bit weight.  I’m not super happy at all with my body right now.  To be honest, it’s mainly because a lot of my clothes don’t fit and that makes me sad.  haha.  I know, I should be more concerned about my health, and I am.  But what can I say, I’m a little vain and sometimes shallow. ;)  However, I think forcing myself to record some outfits now is good {as much as I might want to hide from the camera} because not all women are very thin, but the vast majority of style bloggers are.  I still love looking at fashion blogs, but often I find myself thinking the outfits featured wouldn’t really look very good on me.  So maybe I can provide some style inspiration for women who are closer to my size.

And of course, a big goal of mine with these outfit posts is to show people the type of fun, nice clothing you can find at thrift stores if you are willing to put in some effort.  It’s nice to potentially save money while reducing, reusing, and recycling, and to look good on top of it all. :)comfy thrifted work outfit 02Okay, let’s talk about the outfit {finally, I know}.  The top and skirt were thrifted.  The necklace is from Stella and Dot, and was a gift to me from my awesome friend Angie.  The purse was given to me by my mom, who had someone give it to her when they were tired of it.  I love gifts and hand-me-downs! :)comfy thrifted work outfit 03comfy thrifted work outfit 07Pockets are always, always a welcome addition to any piece of clothing, right?comfy thrifted work outfit 08These shoes came from GoJane a long time ago, and they are super versatile.  Every time I wear them, I get compliments on them.  I think adding the necklace and these heels really elevates this outfit from slouchy-comfy wear to okay-I-can-wear-this-to-work wear.comfy thrifted work outfit 06I almost didn’t post this pic because I think my butt looks not-so-great.  But then I figured, what the heck, let’s just break the internet. ;)  Joking.  Doing leg lifts, lunges, and squats as soon as I finish writing this! :)  {My butt used to be my best feature.  Aging and gravity have not worked in my favor. Dang it! ;-/}comfy thrifted work outfit 05Oh!  I almost forgot to talk about my shades.  Like all my other glasses, they are prescription glasses from ZenniOptical.  I just got them, and I already love them so much!  They cost nineteen dollars, people!  Well, plus a little extra for the tinting to turn them into sunglasses.  I chose the eighty percent tinting on these, if anyone is wondering.  I wasn’t sure if eighty percent would be too dark, but I like it. comfy thrifted work outfit 09Whenever I am shopping {thrifting}, I am constantly drawn to clothing that has a little extra something, some sort of unique detailing.  The little pockets on this top, the studs on the heels, and the slit in the skirt all add visual interest to what otherwise might be a pretty basic outfit.

Plus, thanks to good genes and lots of heel-wearing, my legs are part of my body that I’m actually pretty happy with, so a slit on a long skirt works well for me.  You’ve gotta know what you’re working with, people.  Emphasize the good! :)comfy thrifted work outfit 11comfy thrifted work outfit 10Hope this Monday is the beginning of a lovely week for all of you.  I am freaking out excited because I head to Alaska on Wednesday to visit some lifelong friends.  Can’t wait!!


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AnnaMay 18, 2015 - 10:22 pm

i love the color combo! Blue and grey are my favorites for comfy clothes. You inspire me to go thrifting with every outfit you wear! And your butt looks great ;)

Abi RuthMay 19, 2015 - 9:25 pm

haha! thanks, anna. :)

Kelly BeaneMay 22, 2015 - 11:35 pm

Although I love the color in this outfit, that last b&w image is my favorite of you! Those heels are to die for too!

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