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take me back to alaska

alaska 01Well, I’ve been buried under a mountain of photo editing lately.  Photo shoots and my life in general have been really wonderful recently.  This week, I’ve been thinking about Alaska and wanting to go back!  I absolutely loved it when I was there in May, and I would love to go sometime and see all this gorgeousness blanketed in snow.  Anyway, since I was missing The Last Frontier, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite randoms from my trip up there. alaska 02alaska 03alaska 04alaska 05alaska 06alaska 07alaska 08alaska 09alaska 10alaska 11alaska 12alaska 13alaska 14alaska 15alaska 16alaska 17alaska 18Had to give you a cropped in version of this pic of sweet Teddy Bear…Check out those claws!!alaska 19alaska 20Alaska, you will forever have a piece of my heart and soul. <3


p.s. Happy early birthday to one of my very best friends, Betsy, who is the reason I went to Alaska in the first place!  Love and miss you, girl!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday on Sunday!!

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