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sparkler love and fourth of july chatter

sparkler engagement photos 4The Fourth of July might be over, but I’m still riding high on all things red, white, blue, and sparkly.

These images are a very small sampling of the epic engagement session I did for my lifelong {since third grade!!} friend Jake and his fiancée Colby in Naples, Florida.  I meant to share these last week, in a timely manner for Independence Day, but I got so busy holiday-ing that here we are at July 7th and they’re just now going up.

So in these next couple of pix, Jake and Colby were still working on perfecting their light-heart {heart-light?}, but I had to share them anyway because look how the lightning lit up the background, y’all!  As I was editing these, it occurred to me this might not have been the safest thing I’ve ever done, but I didn’t even think to worry about the lightning at the time.  Ha!  I’m pretty sure it was off in the distance anyway. sparkler engagement photos 1sparkler engagement photos 2sparkler engagement photos 5sparkler engagement photos 3I’ve got about a million more photos I love from their engagement session, so I’ll have to do a proper post on it soon; but I just wanted to share these fun sparkler ones today, and chat about life lately….

I had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  Friday was pretty chill.  It started off with a bootcamp workout session, because this has been my life lately {I know, even I can’t believe it}.  Then I was off work from my office job, so my girl Grace and I had a wonderful brunch at Cafe Antigua before we did some shopping at the Route 66 store in 50 Penn Place.  Oh my word, I could write a whole post about this store {and maybe I will soon}!  I hadn’t been in there in years, and now I want to go back every day.  Seriously, they have the best selection of handmade soaps, cards, coffee mugs, jewelry, Oklahoma-made chocolate, and more!  The clothing they sell is gorgeous, even if it is a bit out of my price range.  If you live in OKC, drop in there!  {Pssst: they will give you unlimited free samples of any fabulous soaps you want to try.}  Anyway, enough raving about my new old favorite store.  After we went there, we walked downstairs to Full Circle Bookstore, where I picked up a copy of Paper Towns.  I read the entire thing that evening at home, while munching on homemade guac and sipping lemonade made by my grandma.  I’d say it was pretty much a perfect day!

On Saturday, for the Fourth, I went and did a Crossfit workout with some friends because who am I and what is my life??  Ha.  No really, I did it because they were doing my brother’s Hero WOD {workout of the day}.  If you’re familiar with Crossfit at all, you know they have Hero WOD’s in honor of fallen soldiers.  So there’s one for my brother.  And some good friends of mine go to this one Crossfit Box {Crossfit Lake Hefner}, so they asked me to come.  I got to say a few words about Jack before the workout, and it was a really cool way to start off Independence Day.  After that, I just chilled at the pool with my friend Angie before getting dinner downtown and watching fireworks at home in Bethany.

So, overall, my Fourth of July weekend was pretty perfect.  I’m in a season of peacefulness, and along with that comes so much gratefulness.  Life is good, and that’s the way it should be..


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