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sometimes i spray paint hats


I am a hat girl.  I love wearing hats and I enjoy it when other people wear hats.  I have a favorite hat that I bought at an amazing store named Pepper, in Seattle.  It is a gold fedora, and I’ve often wondered if it was gold originally, or if Pepper or someone else painted it at some point during it’s hat-life.  These musings inspired me to spray paint an old straw-ish cowboy hat that I’ve owned forever.

It was easy and simple enough.  I used a couple of different metallic spray paints I had on hand already, and a sealer to help it last longer, I hope. :)

I started out with several coats of the silvery spray paint.

I possess very little patience, so I forced myself to look at magazines in between adding layers of spray paint, in order to allow some drying time.

Here it is all done!  I added some tinting with the bronze-y spray paint.  It’s difficult to tell in the photos, but I think it gave the hat a little more dimension or something. :)

I think this is a perfect summertime hat now!  Can’t wait to wear it.  Yay for quick, easy upgrades that add a bit of glam to the ordinary. :)


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