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seriously the best, easiest diy coffee body scrub ever!!

best diy coffee body scrubFor several years now, I have tried to do local, thrifted, or handmade gifts for my friends and family at Christmastime.  I also tend to pick a general theme for my gifts, whether that means making multiples/variations of the same thing, or buying similar items {one year I got used books for everyone in my fam}.  These self-imposed guidelines help me be more creative and intentional, since I can get really carried away really quickly when it comes to buying gifts.

For this Christmas, I made up this amazing coffee body scrub and now it’s one of my favorite things in the world and I want to make it for everyone!!  Since I can’t exactly do that, I thought I’d share it here on the blog so you all can make your own batch!  It’s soooo easy.  And it works SO WELL!

I don’t know if I’m finally growing up a little and becoming more responsible or what, but this year I seemed to be more on top of things when it came to the holidays, instead of leaving everything until the very last minute.  So I had made this scrub a week or so before Christmas, and of course I had to try it out before I gave it to anyone else.  As soon as I used it for the first time, I could hardly wait to give it out!  Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever made my skin feel so soft immediately upon using it!  I know I sound like an infomercial here, but since I’m not trying to sell you anything, you must trust my sincerity and try this out for yourself!

Okay, this all started on Pinterest awhile back.  {Isn’t that where all good creative inspiration can be traced back to these days?}  I read about how beneficial coffee scrubs can be for the skin, and I pinned several recipes for diy body scrubs that you can check out here – but I kind of combined a bunch of them in order to use what I had on hand and preferred.  I asked my grandma and my sister to start saving coffee grounds for me after making coffee.  I’ve been on the oil pulling bandwagon for awhile now, so I always have a good supply of coconut oil around.  I also had a box of raw sugar that I’d had for awhile – I used to use it to sweeten my coffee, but I’ve turned into a just-cream-user, so I needed a use for that sugar anyway.  {How many times can you say use, used, user in one sentence??}  I picked up some local honey and some extra virgin olive oil, and I was ready to mix.

Except I needed containers.  I was making a dozen scrubs to give away, so any cost for containers could have added up quickly.  Pinterest to the rescue again!  Shout out to Hannah over at  The Cheapskate Mom for coming up with this genius packaging idea for homemade coffee scrubs!  All it took was me and a few friends getting some free ice waters from Lady S, and I was good to go with my diy coffee scrub! :)

easy body scrub giftIn order to make the scrub, I layered used and fresh coffee grounds {because I didn’t have enough used grounds} with melted coconut oil {I simply sat the coconut oil container in a bowl of hot water until it was liquid-y enough to pour into the cups}, olive oil, honey, and raw sugar.  I just did one layer after another of each ingredient until the cups were full.  Keep in mind, you want more coffee grounds and raw sugar and less of the oils and honey.  You want a paste-like consistency.  Too much liquid will make your scrub too soupy to scoop out and use easily.  I would say this scrub is about ninety percent fresh and used coffee grounds, with the other ingredients making up the other ten percent.  But I’m not a math genius or anything, it could be a little different than that.  The good news is, you don’t have to worry about being too precise, just eyeball it and make sure it’s not too liquid-y.  Then take it in your shower and scoop out a small amount {you might want to stir it a little first to combine all the ingredients}, then rub-a-dub-dub, and you will be rewarded with the most amazingly soft skin ever!!  I’ve also used this on my face a couple of times and it works great!  It is a somewhat course scrub, so be careful not to overdo it on delicate facial skin.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  What’s the next holiday from work we have to look forward to now?  Memorial Day?  Like five months from now??  Oh man.  We can do it! :)


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