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saving daylight?

True story:  On Sunday, I mistakenly thought for a few moments that the time change for Daylight Savings would actually, I don’t know, give me some more daylight.  Every spring and fall, I get confused and then annoyed about Daylight Savings.  It just doesn’t make sense to my brain.  I know that back in the day, they established Daylight Savings for farmers and such.  {Actually, I don’t know that at all…it’s just what I’ve heard.  So to be clear, I did zero research on this matter.}  And I do love the farmers.  My grandpa farmed his land in Iowa for years, and several of my relatives still farm.  And I love The Pioneer Woman, she’s one of my favorite bloggers…I know that they technically are ranchers, but I’m just saying…I love these people and think they’re great, and if Daylight Savings helps them, then I guess it’s not so annoying.

But, lord help me, is it not depressing that it gets dark at 5:30pm now?  And it certainly doesn’t help me out when I am trying to schedule photo shoots.  And by 8:30 last night, I was just ready  to crawl into bed and sleep.  Grrr.  My productivity is not assisted by darkness at 5:30.

If you are like me, you have probably wished that you could just make the sun stand still for a few hours on some days.  Wouldn’t a couple more hours of daylight come in pretty useful at times?

This matter is on my mind not only because of Daylight Savings, but also because of a book I am reading right now.  The title happens to be Sun Stand Still.  It’s written by Steven Furtick, and my lifegroup {small group from my church} is reading and studying it together.  We have almost come to the end of it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for their purpose in this world and the faith to pursue it.  {You can totally borrow my copy, if you don’t mind lots of highlighted passages.}

2010-11-10 10.52.06
{phone pic.  excuse the poor quality.}

The title is drawn from the story in the Bible where God makes the sun stand still for Joshua, giving him a few more hours of daylight in order to win a battle.  Can you imagine?  First, can you imagine having a task worthy of that kind of action from God?  Second, can you imagine praying boldly and believing that God would actually make the sun stand still in order for you to accomplish that task??

It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around that.  Even more difficult than understanding Daylight Savings.  But, through time spent reading this book and praying and immersing myself more in the Word, I think maybe I am starting to get it.


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Kelly BeaneNovember 11, 2010 - 6:05 am

Gotta read that book, like right now! I totally feel you on daylight savings though. It's great because at first it gives you an extra hour of sleep, technically, but then you get used to it and it's not so cool. And dang it, it affects our work – and that just stinks. :)

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