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Today, the NBA lockout is on my mind, since talks are going on between the owners and players that might determine the outcome.  As a ridiculous fan of the OKC Thunder, my heart is hoping and longing for the lockout to end!  As I was thinking about all this and about what to blog today, I remembered this random pic that Kevin Durant had tweeted after the end of the season earlier this year. 


I believe they were on a flight back from Vegas, maybe.  And my friend K sent it to me in an email saying something about them living the dream, or wishing we had a private plane at our disposal or something of the sort.  I promptly grabbed my twitter avatar pic and her twitter avatar pic and did some really fast, really crappy, really ridiculous photo-shopping…


The end result made me die laughing, and I begged K to let me tweet it to KD, but she refused for pride’s sake.  I, however, have no pride, apparently.  And these images have been chilling on my computer desktop for way too long without being shared with the world.  Or at least my thirteen blog readers.  So, here you go, one more time for your enjoyment….


See, those are the kind of things that can come from a deep and true love for a sports team, a boring afternoon at work, and a little bit of wishful thinking with a friend.  Fun times. 


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AnonymousOctober 12, 2011 - 12:41 am

but WHHYYY do you get to be KD?! ;)

β™₯ K

~abi~October 12, 2011 - 1:39 pm

hahaha, good point, k! it was only becuz of how our heads were turned in our pix, i swear! ;)

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