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As much as I love shoes, I really have no idea how they are made.  I do know that one time, a few years ago, I added a million {slight exaggeration} little jewels to a pair of heels for my sweet friend Cassie to wear on her wedding day.  Here’s proof, in the form of a photo taken by my friend Kelly on Cassie’s wedding day.. {Let’s ignore the fact that these are far from perfect, and just appreciate the sparkles, okay? :)}

I shot a wedding at the beginning of this month for my friends Jeremy & Kelsey.  Kelsey had a pair of fab, super sparkly Christian Louboutins that her dad had bought for her.  She ended up wearing a pair of glamorous Jimmy Choos instead, but I still had fun taking pics of her Louboutins.  As I was editing them, I couldn’t help but think about the hours and hours I labored over Cassie’s heels, with tweezers and glue and tiny jewels.

Like I said at the beginning: I have no idea how shoes are made.  I imagine the cheap-o ones I usually buy at Ross or Burlington Coat Factory probably come off some assembly line of machines.  But these super-pretty, super-fancy ones like Christian Louboutins and Manolos and Jimmy Choos, etc., maybe those get some handmade attention and love.  And maybe that’s why they cost hundreds of dollars.

I’m pretty sure that if a stranger asked me to decorate a pair of heels for them with thousands of tiny jewels like I did for Cassie, I’d want to charge them a decent amount of money.  And I wouldn’t even be making the shoes!  Just decorating. :)

So there’s some random shoe talk for you this lovely Wednesday.  If nothing else, at least you get to look at some pretty shoes here today.  Pretty shoes always improve my mood!


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