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photo shoots ~ grace & foster’s prom photos

prom photos 13This week, two of my favorite seniors will graduate from high school.  So I thought I’d feature them here on my blog this week.  I had the privilege of doing Grace’s hair and makeup for prom twice, since she and her boyfriend Foster go to different schools.  I also took pictures for them before each prom; and I did Foster’s senior pictures, which I will post in the next couple of days.  {In case you missed Grace’s senior pictures, you can check them out here.}prom photos 14For Foster’s prom, Grace wanted to wear her hair down, so I did a twist on one side to bring it over her shoulder, and then a loose braid to pull back just the front section on the opposite side.prom photos 12prom photos 15prom photos 11prom photos 16Grace actually found her dress for this prom while we were out thrifting together.  It was less than ten dollars at Goodwill.  While shopping for her other prom dress, we saw this exact dress new at the store for about a hundred and fifty!prom photos 10Foster and Grace had the sweetest, cutest prom companions!  Lexi and Steven are two more amazing teens from my church.  What a great group of kids! :)prom photos 09Grace’s prom was at Vast in the Devon Tower, so most of her class met across the street at the Myriad Gardens to do photos.  Bethany is such a cool high school, with a close knit community feel.  My younger brother graduated from there, and he loved it!prom photos 02prom photos 04prom photos 03prom photos 05Since Grace wanted her hair up for her prom, I did a deep side part and then basically made a giant, loose fishtail braid that I twisted up against the nape of her neck and pinned into place.prom photos 06prom photos 01prom photos 07prom photos 08Since I went to a very strict Baptist school, I never got to experience prom, so I really enjoyed getting to be so involved with these two proms.  I also got to do hair and makeup for a couple other girls this year, and I did more prom photos for some other kids from church.  So much fun!

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