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photo shoots ~ angie & ryan’s headshots

004professional female headshotsThis is my beautiful, fun, accomplished, energetic, dear friend Angie. She needed some professional headshots recently, so I met her at her house one afternoon and we picked out cute tops and lipsticks and grabbed some photos of her pretty face. :) I really love how they turned out!

This is Angie’s boyfriend, Ryan. I haven’t known him as long as Angie, but I have been impressed by his kindness and his sweet care of my friend. It makes me happy to see Angie so happy with him! Ryan also was in need of headshots, and we actually did these a few weeks before we did Angie’s. I’d like to think she liked his pix so much that she decided to go ahead and have me do hers as well. ;) We also did Ryan’s shoot in Angie’s cute house, but alas, there was no outfit planning or lipstick choosing for his session. Ha!

Here are some favorites from each other their sessions.007professional male headshots001professional female headshots002professional female headshots009professional male headshots003professional female headshotsBlue eyes + a blue polka dot tie = nice combo.010professional male headshotsAngie has this great navy wall in her home, and I loved it as a darker, more dramatic background with this emerald green top. {Side note: doesn’t Angie have the cutest hairstyle??}005professional female headshots008professional male headshots006professional female headshotsAngie & Ryan~

You are both awesome headshot models, and you made my job so easy. :) Thanks for being wonderful friends!



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