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photo shoot ~ wesley’s senior portraits in downtown oklahoma city

This is Wesley Williams. I’ve been friends with his parents ever since his dad Scott was the pastor of my church about ten years back. Now, Scott travels and speaks, and I do headshots and such for him whenever he needs them (and I just realized I never blogged the last session we did, which was a favorite of mine, so I need to do a throwback post!). I was pretty stoked when Scott and LaKendria asked me to do Wesley’s senior portraits. See, Wesley hates being in front of the camera, but the camera loves him! The one and only time I’ve gotten to take pictures of him was back when he was nine years old. Nine! In fact, he hadn’t had any professional photos taken of him since he was nine. I personally love doing shoots for guys like this who don’t love having their photo taken, because I take it as a challenge to not make them too miserable during the session and also to make sure I wow them with the images. I think Wesley ended up really liking these, and I know his parents loved them, so I was happy! Plus, Wesley’s got killer style, and I always love photographing people who bring such coolness into their sessions.

Here are some of my favorites from our evening shoot in downtown OKC.Wesley~

Thank you for doing so awesome for me during our session! I know that having your picture taken isn’t your favorite thing, but you were so patient with me. I love the photos we ended up with!

I’m excited to see what amazing things you do in your future.


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TamaraJuly 19, 2017 - 7:22 pm

Abi awesome job! Can’t wait to do Elijahs pics

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