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photo shoot ~ the lovely wendi

W055This is my friend Wendi.  She’s one of those people who is successful, super creative, and has great hair.  And obviously she’s gorgeous.  We had talked for ages about doing a photo shoot sometime, and we finally made it happen on a beautiful day in Oklahoma City last month.

This stairway we found was uh-ma-zing.  It’s funny, because I had scouted out a few spots where I knew I wanted to shoot, and this wasn’t even one of them.  It was tucked away right by one of the other places we shot, and when I saw the soft light flooding down these stairs, I got all giddy.  Because that’s what seers of the light do, you know. wendiW057Wendi, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling giddy at all.  She just liked the stairway because she could sit there out of the way and down her bottle of…whiskey?  Vodka?  I don’t even know what was in that bottle, but the poor girl didn’t even care, she just drank it up to drown her sorrows.

Kidding, duh.  This bottle was actually just lying there begging to be used as prop, so naturally we obliged.W053Since Wendi is one of my close friends, I not only got to be the photographer for this session, but I styled her looks, too.  When we were choosing outfits for her, we realized that Wendi doesn’t own nearly enough accessories and shoes {shame}.  So, I did my part by lending her some bracelets and forcing her to shop at Burlington Coat Factory {it’s the best for cheap but nice shoes and jewelry!}.  Clearly, I’m a good influence. ;)  Anyway, we picked up this very on-trend gold fringe-y necklace and these chic boots at Burlington.  Aren’t they the perfect accessories for this cute swingy dress?W044W029W016W023W001W039W071W072W075This place is very, very cool.  If you live in or near OKC and haven’t checked it out yet, you should go there on a date or something.  {And btw, get the cocktail weenies because they’re yum.}  Also, people watching here is fun stuff. W079I’m super happy that Wendi was down for any locations I suggested, because I had been dying to shoot by R&J’s since I first saw it.  I love everything about this little spot!W086W093This dress was actually one I found at a thrift store.  Wendi is so tiny – whenever I see a very small but very cute dress while thrifting, I always want to buy them all for her. W099Wendi~

You’re a supermodel and a wonderful friend!  Thank you, thank you for doing this shoot and letting me have such creative control.  I love you, believe in you, and am happy you are part of my life!


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