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photo shoot ~ the alcon family

Hi, friends! Happy Friday. I wanted to jump back into sharing portrait sessions I’ve done lately. This poor old blog has been feeling a bit neglected. Every morning when I get to my office, I jot down a little to-do list because it helps me accomplish so much more each day. So, probably about a couple (or a few) weeks ago, I started gently prompting myself with a suggestion to blog. And by yesterday, my to-do list had like two things and then in giant letters it just said: BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!!!!! Dang it, Abi, BLOG!!!!!!

I actually enjoy blogging and sharing photo shoots I’ve done and tidbits of my life. However, it is a time commitment, and I have to be honest and admit that time is the hardest thing for me to give. That’s a whole other lesson God has been teaching me. But I started thinking about why I blog, or feel like I should blog. Sure, it’s fun to share pretty pics and feel like I have an outlet in this world wide web. But probably the main reason I want to share my photo shoots right now is because recently I’ve had more than one person contact me about doing a shoot and they led off the request with, “Are you still doing photography?” or something along those lines. And that made me feel bad, and like I am not being a good steward of this talent and business God has given me. Because, YES, I am still doing photography and I love it. I have scaled back some (in particular, I am not currently booking any weddings), and I do have other things on my plate that I am pouring into, so maybe I haven’t been recently focusing on my photography like I have in the past. Doing photo shoots has become such a normal part of my life over the past sixteen years that I guess I just assume people know I am always doing them. But if I’m not sharing my work, how will people know? And I prefer to share it here on my own site, with the occasional image shared on Instagram. But this is really where I have chosen to mainly post my work. So, I need to do that and show everyone that yes, I am still doing photography. :)

Now here’s some family photos of one of the largest family sessions I’ve ever done. I went to high school with these great people, and I cannot tell you how it warmed my heart to see each of them with their own families and to photograph them all together! I wish more people would do sessions like this, with the parents and kids and grandkids, the whole family. It is so special! It’s rare to be able to get everyone together like this, let alone get good photos of the gathering! :) What’s awesome is, I did another big family session a few weeks ago for some other people I went to high school with, and I’ll be sharing that soon, too. I’m hoping it’s going to become more of a thing to photograph whole families like this. I love it!How beautiful is Mrs. Alcon? So classy. :)This next photo is of my friend Jay and his awesome wife Carrie. I’m asking for prayers for them and their kiddos as Jay is deploying overseas again with the Army this month. Let’s ask God for protection and comfort for them as they’re away from each other.This is what happens when you do an early morning photo shoot… :)Four generations!     This is so funny to me, because the (grown adult) brothers at another family photo shoot I did recently did this exact same thing (without any prompting from me) when I asked to take a pic of them together! Guys are so weird. Haha!  The original six!  Beauties!!Alcon Family~

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! I loved seeing you guys again and catching up. You make my heart happy! :)



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