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photo shoot ~ shelts family photos at myrtle beach

03-sunrise-beach-family-photosThis is my dear friend Steph and her beautiful family. A couple of months ago, in mid-July, they took a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. Steph and Mike flew me out to take some family photos while they were there soaking up the sun. Steph’s favorite color is purple, so she coordinated their outfits perfectly for our sunrise photo session on the beach. I have to give huge props to the whole group for cooperating so nicely after we got up super early in the morning. We started at the break of dawn, and I love the photos we got! Here are some of my favorites.02-sunrise-beach-family-photosSteph and Mike are celebrating 26 years of marriage! So we had to do some extra photos of just the two of them.04-sunrise-beach-family-photos05-sunrise-beach-family-photos01-sunrise-beach-family-photos06-sunrise-beach-family-photos07-sunrise-beach-family-photos08-sunrise-beach-family-photos09-sunrise-beach-family-photosOn a photography side note, I will say shooting a sunrise session at the beach was more challenging than I expected. For one thing, the wind kicked up pretty good during our session. Since I’m from Oklahoma, I deal with wind during sessions constantly, so I’m used to that. But the shifting light was more of a challenge for me. Not so much while shooting, as I’m constantly adjusting my settings anyway. But during the editing, there was a lot more color shifting than I am used to. It makes sense, because the sun was just coming up and the light was several different colors while we were shooting, and on top of that, clouds were constantly covering the sun and then blowing away. So it was a learning experience for me. Which is awesome to say, since I’ve been doing this since 2001. I love that I still can have learning experiences in photography. After all, it’s not like I ever get to sunrise beach shoots here in Oklahoma! :) In the end, I had to let go of having all the skin tones match in each photo, and instead go with the different colors that were reflecting from the water and the beach throughout the morning. And you know what? I love it! It’s true to life and it makes me happy.12-sunrise-beach-family-photos11-sunrise-beach-family-photos13-sunrise-beach-family-photosSami and Adam will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this October. {See their engagement photos here and beautiful fall wedding here.}10-sunrise-beach-family-photos14-sunrise-beach-family-photos15-sunrise-beach-family-photosWe saw various sea creatures during and after our shoot. This little guy was especially feisty.16-sunrise-beach-family-photos17-sunrise-beach-family-photos18-sunrise-beach-family-photos19-sunrise-beach-family-photos20-sunrise-beach-family-photos21-sunrise-beach-family-photos22-sunrise-beach-family-photos23-sunrise-beach-family-photosSteph and Mike are such a great example of committed love. I’m happy to know couples who live out the meaning of true love and are there for each other through it all, the good and and the bad, the fun times and the hard times.24-sunrise-beach-family-photos25-sunrise-beach-family-photos26-sunrise-beach-family-photos27-sunrise-beach-family-photos28-sunrise-beach-family-photos29-sunrise-beach-family-photos30-sunrise-beach-family-photos31-sunrise-beach-family-photosAt the end of the session, Mike and Steph walked down the shore a little. Of course I followed with my camera. These weren’t posed or directed at all, and they’re some of my favorite captures from the day.32-sunrise-beach-family-photos33-sunrise-beach-family-photos34-sunrise-beach-family-photosSteph~

You have been a wonderful example to me in so many ways over the years. I am so thankful God brought our paths together during photography school! You are such a wonderful wife to Mike and mother to your children. And you’re a great friend. Thank you so much for bringing me out to capture these photos. Love you!



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