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photo shoot ~ promo photos for Axis Podcast

My friends Anna and Erin are doing something really cool. It’s called Axis Podcast. If you’re a podcast listener, or even if you’re not, you’ve got to check this one out!

I especially love that this is a podcast by two sisters. They have a lot in common with each other, obviously, but it’s pretty cool to hear how different two siblings who were raised in the same household can be. (As one of five kiddos, I can definitely relate.) I enjoy how I can hear from two different perspectives, both with a godly foundation based on the ultimate Truth.Anna and Erin share encouragement and words of wisdom about how you can fight for a healthy and sound mind, body, and soul. They chat about their workouts, share lessons they’ve learned from books they have read (or written!), talk about parenting, and open up with vulnerability about challenges they have faced or are facing. And to be real with you, they both have such calm, soothing ways of speaking that I simply enjoy listening to them talk! hahaA few weeks ago, I was able to do some promo photos for their podcast, as well as some headshots for these gorgeous ladies. (Fun fact: we took these photos in Anna’s sweet new home – which her and her husband Cody built themselves!!)Anna is an amazing writer, so we also grabbed a few photos of her doing her thing. You can read her writing on her blog here, or by ordering her book here. Anna also has a YouTube channel, so catch her over there, too!We just had to grab a few shots of Anna and Erin in their garage gym, where they work hard to stay fit and healthy.I really loved doing this session! It’s cool that I am in a place in my life and career where I am able to use my photography skills to document the inspiring ventures of others. I have more fun collabs like this to share soon. (And if you’re needing promo photos for your endeavors, hit me up!)


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