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photo shoot ~ okc realtor headshots

professional headshots by abi ruthAs is the case quite often in my life, I never blogged these headshots after we did them several months ago.  I’ve really been excited to do more headshots lately, because it’s an area I haven’t explored a whole lot over the past fourteen years of shooting.  I’ve always enjoyed doing headshots, but those jobs just haven’t come along as often as say, weddings or family portraits.  Then I was thinking, “Well, duh, Abi.  If you mostly post portrait and wedding work on your site, then you’ll probably mostly portrait and wedding clients.”  So I have several shoots that I need to share on here, just to show a bit more range on my part.  You’ve probably already noticed that I’ve been shooting and sharing more fashion-y work.  Just trying to keep things fresh and stay inspired!

But speaking of wedding work, I actually photographed weddings for two of Casey’s children.  That’s Casey, up above.  And Emily, below, is her daughter.  You might remember Emily’s gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony and stunning rooftop reception.


So you see, sometimes wedding jobs lead to other types of work, too.  I enjoy being able to do different types of shoots for my same clients when they need them.professional headshots by abi ruth 13professional headshots by abi ruth 12We also did a few group photos for them to use in their realty business.professional headshots by abi ruth 15I hope I’ll be able to have more opportunities to photograph professional headshots, as I’m finding it’s something I really enjoy doing.


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