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photo shoot ~ last year’s headshots of forrest

IMG_5414_1I’m coming off a really great weekend, full of time spent doing photo shoots for great friends and hanging out with old friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  One of those friends whom I hadn’t seen in forever was this guy, Forrest.  After hanging out with him for a bit last night, I was reminded of these headshots I did for Forrest last year.  I never posted them before, so I thought now was a good time. IMG_5386_2Just so you know, Forrest is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.  Someday when he’s famous I’ll be able to brag about doing pix of him back in the day. :)IMG_5369_1IMG_5342_1IMG_5318_1IMG_5324_1IMG_5181_1IMG_5280_3male headshotsIMG_5434_1IMG_5526_1These last couple images aren’t headshots, but I had to show his sweet outfit.  Forrest, like me, is a lover of thrfited clothing.  I love his style! :)IMG_5569_1IMG_5617_1When I was hanging out with Forrest last night, he was strumming a guitar, which is the most natural thing in the world for him to be doing at any given moment.  I am always so envious of people who have musical abilities.  I love, love, love music!  The other day during small group time at church, we were talking about what we would do if we knew we would be successful at it.  Without a doubt or any hesitation, I said I would totally be a rock star if I could be!  :)  Since that is definitely never going to happen {darn!}, I will just have to settle for enjoying the music of my talented friends like Forrest. :)


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