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photo shoot ~ kylie’s senior portraits ~ missouri

Ky016This senior portrait session of my girl Kylie was just so. much. fun!  First of all, I drove up to Missouri, where Kylie lives, to do this shoot.  Neither Kylie or I are big planners – we are much more spur of the moment, spontaneous girls.  Which is awesome, but it meant we didn’t have anything for sure nailed down when it came to this session.  So we started with a quick styling session at her home to choose outfits and accessories, and then we were off on a mad dash of finding cool locations while chasing the gorgeous evening light.

And you know what?  It all worked out just great!  :)  I was and am absolutely thrilled with the results.  From my stunning model Ky to her cool outfits to the perfect locations we found to the beautiful light that day ~ it all makes my heart happy! :)

Ky034kc6Ky053kc4Ky068Ky088Kylie has been a part of my life for years now, and we have done several shoots together before {here, here, and here}.  Since Kylie is so comfortable around me and my camera, I think I was able to capture her true, genuine, supermodel self! ;)  I love how we got lots of great serious expressions {it seems much more difficult for me to capture a good serious look sometimes than an authentic smile – probably because I am  not afraid to say really, really dumb stuff during sessions and that makes people laugh :)}, but we also got some real smiles.  Good job, Ky! :)

kc5Ky115kc3I adore this next photo!  And since there’s a heart in the background, let’s just consider this my little belated Valentine to all my lovely blog readers. :)Ky128This last spot we ended up at was so perfect.  You’d never guess it was just a little field next to a school.  It was pretty funny, the way we whipped into that parking lot and jumped out to take pix, just trying to get that last bit of daylight. In fact, we used up every bit of the setting sunlight and shot right into twilight.  So beautiful!


My little kindred spirit….I miss our weekly hangouts, but I am so happy that we have remained a part of each others’ lives.  You are lovely.  Your senior pictures are gorgeous.  You make my heart happy. :)  I’ll always love you, and I am so excited to see where your life goes next!


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