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photo shoot ~ justin & jenna

This is my cousin Justin and his pretty girlfriend Jenna.  They were so sweet together for our little portrait session out around my grandpa’s farm.  I love my Iowa family {well, I love all my family, but most of them live in Iowa, so I think of them as my Iowa family}, and I love Iowa!  My favorite place in the world is my grandparents’ farm.  I’m sure my cousins would all agree.

I’m not sure if you can tell from these images, but I can feel it in my heart when I look at them: there’s a sense of peace and serenity that fills my soul whenever I am in Iowa at my grandpa’s farm.  I believe it’s a result of being far removed from the hustle and bustle of my daily life and routine.

I haven’t been up to Iowa nearly as much lately as I would like.  Gonna have to work on changing that.  I miss it, and everyone there.

Justin & Jenna~

Thank you for having me do this photo shoot of you guys.  I enjoyed it so much!  I’m praying all the best for you two! :)


p.s.  As always, see a few more/different faves over on my Facebook page.

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