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photo shoot ~ jen and emma being cool and gorgeous, as usual

gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 02If I were a really great blogger, I’d have dug up a photo of Jen and I when we were around five to seven years old {I have a stellar memory, obvs} wearing matching sweathshirts-cut-into-little-jackets-with-kitten-images-ironed-on-for-real.  We had another best friend, also conveniently named Jen, and she had a matching sweatshirt jacket thing, also.  One of our moms made them for us.  I’m mostly certain it wasn’t my mom, since she stuck to making matching clothes for me and my sisters, haha.  But anyway, if I were a great blogger, I would’ve found one of those pix and I would’ve posted this yesterday along with a clever #ThrowBackThursday reference.  But I didn’t dig up any of those pix, I started but didn’t finish this post yesterday, and I am generally just not a very great blogger.  Yet. ;)  But now I have convinced myself to find one of those cat-bedecked-sweatshirt-jacket pix to post next week. gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 01So, if you’re unfamiliar with my life or my blog, this is my BFF Jen and her daughter Emma.  As I was readying these photos to post, I was thinking about my wonderful friendship with Jen.  And I decided that, aside from, you know, the lifelong putting up with each other and laughing until we cry pretty much every time we are together and crying with and for each other through the awful things life has occasionally thrown our way and also celebrating the good stuff – aside from all of that, I think the coolest thing about our friendship is our mutual love and appreciation of fashion.  Jen and I are fashion soul sisters.  Not fashion twins.  We each have our own distinct styles, but we share this insatiable appetite for fashion.  And we have been known to {often} lose track of time while thrifting our little hearts out together.  :)  {In fact, this gorgeous green vintage dress is one I found for Jen while thrifting.}  It’s so cool to have a best friend who shares your fashion passion.  {hahaha!  Sorry.  That was probably the cheesiest sentence I’ve ever written on this blog.  Well, actually it probably wasn’t.  But I couldn’t help it.}gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 03gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 04gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 05Since Jen gets and shares my fashion fascination, our photo shoots always lean a little more toward editorial than just pretty mom and daughter pix – although I do try to get those for them, too!  {Check out their session from 2013 to see what I mean.}gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 06Oh, I just want to kiss Emma’s perfectly freckled cheeks whenever I look at this pic!  Jen, get on that for me, will you? :) gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 07gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 08gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 09gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 10gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 11I love, love this photo!  All the bright colors and cool vibes make my heart happy.gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 12gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 13gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 14Dang, my best friend is gorgeous!gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 15The bond between Jen and Emma is really beautiful to witness, and I love capturing it in photos.  I’m so proud of Jen for being such a wonderful mother and so happy for Emma that she has such a grounding, encouraging, inspiring force in her mom.  They melt my heart.gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 16Doesn’t hurt that they also know how to work the camera like straight up supermodels! :) gorgeous and cool mother daughter photos 17Jen & Emma~

You two are the best!  Can’t imagine my life without you two in it.  I love you so very much!


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