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photo shoot ~ jake’s one year {fishing} birthday party, baby dedication, and portraits

034-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyOkay, I have lots of stuff to say in today’s post. This little guy is Jake. He turned one in July. His mama Jenna is a wonderful friend of mine. {Jenna has a very good blog you can check out here.} Jenna and her husband Trebor have two cutie boys named Bobby and Jake. I am a huuuuge fan of how Jenna did both Bobby and Jake’s one year old birthday parties. This is her magical formula: keep it pretty low key {at her home, with easy but yummy food, and simple but cute decor}; enlist help from family and friends; hire a photographer {that’s me!} to do a combo of covering the party plus doing a few one year old portraits and family pix, too; and have a pastor friend come dedicate your child in front of those who are there to celebrate with you. It’s so great, y’all! I mean, as in tears-when-I-am-photographing-it great. I love how Jenna keeps it all very relaxed, but manages to make it all such a meaningful time with her loved ones! #MomGoals, for real.

And here’s where I have to veer off into a side note {paragraph} about blogging my photo sessions. See, over the years, I photographed Jenna and Trebor’s engagement and wedding, Jenna with her girlfriends {still some of my most re-pinned images to date!}, some maternity photos when Jenna was pregnant with Bobby, and Bobby’s one year old party/baby dedication. And of all those shoots, I’ve only blogged a small handful of images. As you can tell if you follow my blog, I’ve been trying to do much better at getting my sessions on the blog lately, and this is part of the reason why. I wish I could link here to every session I’ve done for Jenna, and I can’t. Bummer. I think I’m gonna do a whole blog post soon on this and other reasons why I am really stepping up my game for sharing my photo shoots on my blog. Okay, blogging tangent over.

Now let’s get to pictures of this cute one year old! :)035-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyJake’s eyes are so stunning!037-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party036-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyA few pix with mom and dad.038-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party039-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party040-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party041-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyAnd then we tried to get some of their little family of four…with mixed results. Haha! Here’s one of the many things I love about Jenna: she shared this photo, this one, with Jake crying and Bobby hiding his face, on her social media. Because she loved it as much as I did. And I knew she would! Some people wouldn’t. But she gets it. This is real life. This is funny. This is fun! This is two boys, who are one year old and two years old. Let’s capture this, share it, remember it. Love it.047-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party048-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyJenna wrote a lovely post about her one and two year old boys here. It’s good stuff.049-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party050-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party051-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party052-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyMeanwhile, inside, Jenna’s sister and brother were helping set everything up for the party.042-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party043-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party046-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party044-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party045-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party069-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyOur friend Scott Williams was there to do the baby dedication part of the evening. Scott also performed Jenna & Trebor’s wedding ceremony. He’s a very gifted speaker and great friend of mine and of Jenna and Trebor’s.054-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party055-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party057-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party058-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party056-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party059-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyAnd here’s Friday, the family pup.053-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyJakers waiting for his cake.060-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party061-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party062-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party063-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party064-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyThat blue frosting made for some awesome pix. :)065-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyAnd the kiddie pool was perfect for easy clean up.066-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party067-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party070-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-party068-perfect-one-year-old-fishing-birthday-partyJenna~

You hosted the perfect evening once again. Thank you so much for including me so many times over the years for shoots that have all been an absolute pleasure to do! You’re an incredible mother, wife, and friend. It’s been awesome watching your life change over the years. God is truly so good. Love you!



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