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photo shoot ~ isla’s one year birthday party and portraits

074-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyJust a week or so after I photographed Jake’s one year old birthday party {blogged yesterday}, I got to shoot pretty Miss Isla’s party and portraits. She was looking too cute in her sparkly “one” top paired with a fluffy tutu. We grabbed a few pix of Isla alone in her room before heading out to celebrate with all her friends.072-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party071-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party073-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyIsla’s mom, Jennifer, is another mom who does an awesome job of hosting fun at-home birthday parties for her kiddos. I also photographed her son Callum’s one year party, and it was equally as chill and enjoyable as this one.079-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party075-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyI mean, glittery cupcakes and this adorable chocolate covered cake – too perfect, right?!076-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party086-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party078-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party077-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party080-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party081-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyOf course we had to get some photos with the bright, happy balloons!082-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party083-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyHanging with dad at her party – so sweet.084-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyI’ve taken so many pictures of Callum over the last couple of years, I figured it was only fair to let him turn the camera on me {er, sort of}. :)085-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party087-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyAlmost time for some cake – weeeeeh!088-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party089-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party090-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party091-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party092-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party093-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party094-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyThis is the face I’d make, too, if my brother decided to try my cake. ;)095-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party097-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party096-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyOh yeah. This is how you eat a cake.098-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party099-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyHere, try a spoon; it will be less messy. ;)100-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyIt’s always fun to see other client-friends at shoots. :)101-one-year-old-coral-birthday-party102-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyAfter all that chocolate frosting, Isla had an outfit change and came back out eying those cupcakes. :)103-one-year-old-coral-birthday-partyJennifer~

You and Paul have been so great to work with for shoots over the past couple of years. I’ve really enjoyed getting to document your cool family. Every time I’ve been around you guys, I’ve been so impressed by your parenting. Your kids are awesome! Thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer!


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