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photo shoot ~ hall family portraits in downtown okc

001-cute-one-year-summer-photosI swear, this has been my year for photographing adorable one year olds {like this cutie I blogged recently and several more to come on the blog soon!} This precious one year old is named Clementine. She was an absolute joy to photograph!

Clementine’s parents are missionaries to Indonesia. My amazing friend Stacey referred them to me when they were looking for a photographer to capture some images of Clementine and the three of them together while they were here in the States on furlough. I am so thankful I had a chance to meet this sweet family and document this time in their lives. It was a hot, sticky day in July when we met for this shoot, but they were all troopers and we had a great time together. {Also, shout out to their friend Sydnie — she was a big help during the session, and we instantly bonded over thrift store recommendations. :)}002-cute-one-year-summer-photosClementine not only has an incredibly cute and cool name, she clearly has the personality to match.003-cute-one-year-summer-photos004-cute-one-year-summer-photos005-cute-one-year-summer-photos006-cute-one-year-summer-photosThese photos are so summery and I love it; but now that it’s almost mid-October, I am hoping to get all my summer posts up on the blog this week or next, so things can reflect the current season around here soon. ;)007-cute-one-year-summer-photos008-cute-one-year-summer-photos009-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-oldIt’s always a goal of mine to grab a few pix of the parents alone during any family session.010-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old011-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old012-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old013-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old014-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old015-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old016-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old017-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-oldThese next ones just kill me! Clementine had just started pulling herself up into a standing position on her own and walking, and she was so proud of her new skills!018-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos019-cute-one-year-old-summer-photosOf course, when she decided to resort to crawling, mom’s hand was nearby to guide her. :)020-cute-one-year-old-summer-photosEvery little diva deserves an outfit change for photo shoots.021-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos022-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos023-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old024-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old025-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old026-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old027-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old028-sweet-family-photos-with-one-year-old029-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos030-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos031-cute-one-year-old-summer-photosSarah did this headband move at least eight hundred and fifty times during our session. ;)032-cute-one-year-old-summer-photos033-cute-one-year-old-summer-photosSarah & David~

Thank you so much for trusting me to photograph you guys and your sweet girl! I loved meeting you. I hope our paths will cross again sometime.


p.s. A fun photography side note: these photos were taken in the same little area where Katherine’s bridal portraits were shot. Just an example of how many different backgrounds you can find in one tiny spot. As a photographer, I love finding unique shots even in areas I’ve photographed over and over before.



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