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photo shoot ~ evelyn’s newborn portraits

033-newborn-girl-at-homeI said in yesterday’s post that this seemed to be my year for photographing cute one year olds, but I have to say it’s also been a year for adorable newborns. I’ve shared Easton and Charlotte’s newborn portraits already, and I’ve got one more to share after today’s post. They’re all so sweet!

This teeny tiny beauty is Evelyn. She made her debut in this world back in July, and I loved capturing her newborn sweetness. I’ve known Evelyn’s parents since high school {her dad since elementary school!}. It’s so great seeing how God has blessed them with such an awesome family. Their kids are seriously precious!

When we started the session, Evelyn wasn’t quite ready to be sleepy and pose for us, so I suggested we head outside for some family photos before we tried to do more of just her alone. It was a really warm day, and the heat, combined with being held by her parents and siblings, put her right to sleep for her pictures inside after this. I adore these family poses we got in their backyard.001-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn002-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn003-outdoor-family-photos-with-newbornI love seeing Leah with a daughter. And I enjoyed chatting with her about motherhood during the session. One thing she said that I thought was so cool and stuck with me, was that they didn’t decide on Evelyn’s name until after she was born and they’d spent some time with her. She said they allowed themselves to get to know her and choose a name they felt was perfect, since they had been indecisive about a name before Evelyn was born. I love that. And I love the name Evelyn!004-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn005-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn006-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn007-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn008-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn009-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn010-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn011-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn012-outdoor-family-photos-with-newbornOh man. Melt my heart!013-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn014-outdoor-family-photos-with-newbornAh! These kids are so cute!!015-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn016-outdoor-family-photos-with-newborn018-brothers-with-newborn-sisterSweet brother-sister moments.019-brothers-with-newborn-sister020-brothers-with-newborn-sister021-brothers-with-newborn-sisterI just have to pause here to insert a huge compliment to Jorge, Leah, and their boys JJ and Jack. The boys were so good while we did Evelyn’s photos! I was very impressed.017-brothers-with-newborn-sisterNow for some photos of Miss Evelyn on her own.022-newborn-girl-at-home023-newborn-girl-at-home024-newborn-girl-at-home025-newborn-girl-at-homePeople often ask me about props for newborn sessions, and over the years I’ve come to the point where I really enjoy using items the family already has. People always have such cute things for their baby and the nursery. Often, we will do the newborn session in the nursery, but since we were losing light by the time we got to Evelyn’s portraits, we simply pulled stuff from her nursery out to an area of their home where it was brighter. It worked out perfectly.026-newborn-girl-at-home027-newborn-girl-at-home028-newborn-girl-at-homeThis soft blanket Leah had looked gorgeous for photos. I love the bright colors.029-newborn-girl-at-home030-newborn-girl-at-home031-newborn-girl-at-home032-newborn-girl-at-homeLeah & Jorge~

Your family is beautiful, and it is so obvious that you two are wonderful parents! I greatly enjoyed getting to see you guys and spend a bit of time with you all for this session. It’s awesome and so encouraging to see how God has worked in your lives. Thank you for allowing me to take these photos for you.


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LeahOctober 13, 2016 - 1:01 am

Thank you again for the amazing photos! We will treasure them forever!

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