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photo shoot ~ ellie’s newborn portait session

My dear friend Jamie has been featured on this blog several times before (here, here, and here), and today I’m sharing photos of her precious newborn, Ellie. Miss Ellie is the newest addition to their already too-cute-for-words little fam. :)

We started off the session with some photos of Ellie and her dad. So sweet!Then it was mommy time. :)And some of the three of them, while big brother Greyson was still napping.Greyson woke up from his nap and needed some mama snuggles before we took family photos.Aw! He is so handsome!See, how cute is this family?!?We ended the afternoon with just sweet baby Ellie on her own, snoozing. :)Because Jamie is a close friend of mine and I know she won’t mind me sharing this, I wanted to chat just a little about newborn sessions with me and the expectations and/or concerns you might have about doing one. When Jamie had her first baby, Greyson, we talked about possibly doing a newborn shoot of him, but Jamie chose not to because of some first-time-mommy jitters. Now, I’ve never had children, but I can totally respect that. I get it. It can be stressful to think of having to do some big photo shoot just a week or two after giving birth. I wanted to tell you all, like I told Jamie when she asked me about doing pix of Ellie: I am not a newborn photographer who comes in with a bunch of props and poses and wants to finagle your baby into unnatural angles just for the sake of a picture. I mean, have you ever seen a newborn sleep with their chin propped up on their fists? Have you?? Me either. So, we don’t do that. I don’t do poses that I have to manipulate a lot in person or via Photoshop. I come to your home and I might bring a couple things or I might not. I might bring a space heater or I might ask you to turn your heat up just a little to try to help your baby stay asleep while we are moving them around or changing them. I will use your sweet little blankets and the existing nursery and home decor you have put so much time and love into choosing. I will probably move stuff around near a window to try to get some nice lighting. I will be patient and calm, even if your baby just won’t stay asleep. I will do my best to reassure you that it’s okay, we will get some precious photos you will love. Because real life doesn’t look like that one still frame you see on Pinterest, where it seems like a newborn baby magically falls asleep swaddled in nubby fabric angelically bathed in perfect light, with a soft smile on their lips. Nope. That doesn’t happen often. But your baby is still cute-as-can-be, and even if we can’t get that naked-snuggled-in-faux-fur pose that we really wanted, because maybe she just wouldn’t fall asleep for us during that setup, it’s okay! I promise. There will be other sweet photos.

After Ellie’s photo shoot, Jamie texted me saying, “Wow!!! We love them SO incredibly much!! Thank you!!!” with a bunch of heart eye emojis. :) And Ellie hardly slept for us during her session, and Greyson didn’t really feel like taking photos that afternoon, and we only got one outfit on Ellie. And guess what? Jamie and Jairus and I still LOVE these pix! :) I mean, I was so happy editing them. How can you look at this sweet baby angel face and not feel happy in your heart? :)

So I just wanted to share that to let you all know that this is real life, I am a real life photographer. I like real life. I love it! And I love how this session turned out. So don’t worry if you hire a photographer to come take pix of your newborn and the session doesn’t look like a YouTube newborn instructional video (I have seriously wondered if they drugged those babies – awful, I know! They didn’t, I am sure they didn’t…!) — I bet you will still end up with some photos you adore. :)

Happy Monday, friends. It’s February and love is in the air. Let’s celebrate it!



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Cheryl MartinFebruary 6, 2017 - 11:00 pm

I love these pics. You captured so much in them.

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