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photo shoot ~ easton’s newborn portraits

001 Easton NewbornOh myyyy, look at these cuties! I have photographed each of them as a newborn, and I do their family photos each year, so I’ve got an extra soft spot in my heart for these kiddos. I photographed their parents wedding way back in 2008 in Napa Valley, and they later moved to Texas. Each year, their mom Nicole is diligent about scheduling a family portrait sessions. Client-friends like this mean the world to me! Baby Easton is the newest addition to their sweet, sweet fam, and I loved taking his newborn portraits! Here are some of my favorites.008 Easton Newborn011 Easton Newborn014 Easton Newborn016 Easton Newborn021 Easton NewbornNicole’s parents were visiting from California to meet their newest grandchild, so we had to snag a few pix with them as well. I also photographed their daughter Julia’s wedding back in 2007 {I believe that was the year – I have a bad memory!}, so I’ve known this family for awhile and it’s always good to see them!026 Easton Newborn032 Easton Newborn037 Easton NewbornIf this doesn’t look like the most adorable trouble ever, I don’t know what does! ;)041 Easton Newborn042 Easton Newborn045 Easton Newborn048 Easton Newborn051 Easton Newborn054 Easton Newborn055 Easton Newborn057 Easton Newborn061 Easton NewbornAfter family photos outside, we headed back indoors to grab a few more of the kids together and then get Easton oh his own.062 Easton Newborn064 Easton NewbornHe was such a precious model for me.069 Easton Newborn076 Easton Newborn077 Easton Newborn080 Easton NewbornNicole has a small business making custom t-shirts and such. She added Easton’s name to this cute elephant and made the cute worded shirts in this post. You can find her on etsy here.086 Easton Newborn089 Easton Newbornnewborn portraits with teddy bear101 Easton Newborn103 Easton Newborn106 Easton NewbornToo cute!!114 Easton Newborn120 Easton NewbornNicole~

Thank you for the years and years of fun photo shoot collabs! You’re seriously the best. Love you and your fam!


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